How to Treat A Cold

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of T.C.M., Florida

Cold is a serious issue. The U.S. federal government has spent numerous dollars and invested countless resources in medical research. But still, no cure has been found for a single disease, not even the simple cold.

The cold/flu vaccine was created to prevaricate the public from the poor result, claiming to prevent colds/flu. In fact, many still caught a cold despite the shot, and some even died after the injection of vaccines.

People continue to get colds after the vaccination. The so-called cold vaccine is simply a big scam.

On the other hand, T.C.M. has been curing colds since about 2,000 years ago. As long as one could study the ‘Treatise on Febrile Diseases‘ well, you can quickly treat a cold.

It was mentioned in the ‘Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor‘- The beginning of all diseases arises from the wind, which is the cold’s primary cause.

So the T.C.M. classic stated that if colds could be cured, all other ailments would be nipped in the bud.

This is similar to the W.M. theory that the human immune system could help fight cancer. However, W.M. has yet to propose any method to strengthen immunity.

On the contrary, many W.M. treatments would harm the immune system, such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

The weaker the immunity, the more likely it is to catch a cold, and the more antibiotics prescribed. With such a vicious cycle, the human life span would be shortened for sure.

In T.C.M., the cold is divided into three stages. The first is the Taiyang syndrome, where the illness still stays on the human body’s surface. Here we should use drugs for relieving the Exterior Disorder, i.e., diaphoretic.

The second is the Shaoyang syndrome, where viruses stay in the endocrine or lymphatic system. We would use the reconciliatory drug that can expel the viruses via the urine.

The third is the Yangming syndrome, where viruses stay in the large and small intestines and cause constipation. We would use a cathartic prescription at this time to remove viruses from the feces.

These logical rules of treatment from above were established 2,000 years ago.

I often mention to my patients that if a doctor can’t even cure a simple cold, how could he cure cancer? It’s like a contractor who cannot even pain a wall; how could you expect him to build a whole house?

Moxibustion Treats Hay Fever / Allergy

The following content is from exchange on a blog of a retired TCM doctor.


Ever since consulting you last time, I have been performing moxibustion about 60 to 90 minutes per day, with no interruption of more than 3 days, except during business trips.

I have experienced the following improvements.

1. Hay fever / allergy

I was consulting you mainly for my nose problems.

Every winter and spring my nose would be itchy, with feeling of pressing pain on the cheeks, plus gum pain and headache.

I have been performing excessive moxibustion on the following acupoints: Yingxiang ( LI 20 ), Yintang (EX-HN3) , Taiyang(EX-HN5) and Ashi (the pain spots), for a total of 30-40 minutes. If I felt particularly uncomfortable, I would increase the moxibustion time.

It is not convenient to moxibust on Feishu (BL13), so I did cupping instead, and waited for blisters to form. The situation is now under control, and my discomfort has reduced significantly. You mentioned that it would take 2-3 years of moxibustion to heal rhinitis, so I am going to continue doing it. When the weather gets warm, I would add Feishu acupoint to the moxibustion.


The allergy has been plaguing me for over a decade, where I saw innumerable TCM and Western Medicine doctors, and took hundreds of doses of Chinese herbal medicines, but with little result.

As a last resort, I turned to the internet and was lucky to stumble on your blog, and got to know you, a doctor who help others selflessly. Then I began the journey of self-treatment.

I think the principle of moxibustion is to improve body function of one’s own. When the body is in good health, the diseases will be gone. This is a long journey, so everyone must be patient and persistent.

I read that some fellow patients who tried moxibustion only for a few days and wondered why it didn’t work. After all, moxibustion is no miracle worker, and some chronic diseases does take time.

I believe success belongs to the persevering.


From the treatment experience shared by this patient, we can understand pretty well. As he mentioned:

” This is a long journey, so everyone must be patient and persistent.

I read that some fellow patients who tried moxibustion only for a few days and wondered why it didn’t work. After all, moxibustion is not miracle worker, and some chronic diseases does take time. I believe success belongs to the persevering.

Furthermore, his acupoint selection, time, experience, meridian channeling, diet, exercise, etc. are all very detailed. Here I want to share my understanding of the saying “Seven years’ of illness calls for three years of moxibustion“, which should bear two levels of meaning.

  1. It means after falling ill for 7 years, it requires treatment by aged moxa of 3 years, such moxa is not too dry, relatively gentle, and works great on heat penetration at acupoints.
  2. It means for a disease of 7 years, it requires consecutive treatment of moxibustion for 3 years. It tells us the importance of persistence, and treatment with moxibustion is not overnight.

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Efficacy of moxibustion on leg pain


My mother is 79 years old and is recently plagued by leg pain. She has been taking medicines and using plasters but to no avail. 10 days ago I told her to perform moxibustion on the Zusanli point with moxa stick and stop taking medicines. Her pain was gone within a week!

This method is truly amazing. In addition, I am in my 40s and still have acne on my chin and neck. I have been performing moxibustion at the Guanyuan point, and the acne stopped forming within days. This is so cool.

Leg pain

My mother also has skin itching, especially the night after eating meat or fish. May I ask on which acupoints should moxibustion be performed?

She has scar constitution, and is left with scars from an operation. Can moxa sticks be used on her scars?


Hi. Some people often think moxibustion is mysterious, but it is actually pretty simple. As long as you give it a try, you will experience its magical effect.

This is not me bragging, but friends coming to my blog sharing their experiences and bringing us confidence.

Moxibustion is simple because practically everyone could do it, and most cases is performed locally. For example, your mother suffers from the leg pain. The acupoint for moxibustion is the Zusanli point, as well as the affected area. If it wasn’t any of the serious leg diseases, you would see improvements soon.

As far as scar constitution is concerned, not only can moxibustion be performed at area of the scar, but also the scar would gradually decrease.

For the itchiness, the following acupoints could be chosen: Chize, Xuehai, Dazhui, Feishu, Shenque, Guanyuan, and Zusanli.



Disclaimer: The information in this post is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. We makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on or available through this web site, and such information is subject to change without notice. You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this web site with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician.


Why China has recovered from COVID-19 so quickly while the rest of the world is struggling?

China is a river civilization, and European and North American countries are marine civilizations.

River civilization is good at dealing with extreme disasters, while ocean civilization is good at exploiting and expanding.

River civilization is based on farming, and river-taming is a major challenge in preventing floods and saving arable lands. River-taming calls for uniting the masses, so the core of river civilization is collectivism, and individual freedom has to submit to the collective interest.

After all, if an individual’s act of freedom sabotaged the public’s entire effort against floods, the consequence could be disastrous.

Chinese civilization spreads along the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. Rivers deeply imprinted on the Chinese culture by farming and river-taming.

Marine civilization is based on trade, and value is realized through exploration, which requires courage and adventure. Therefore, the core of marine civilization is individualism and the associated personal freedom.

Western civilization originated in Greece and Rome in the Mediterranean. The trade among Mediterranean countries imprinted an ocean mark on Western civilization.

River civilization relies on cultivated land, a fixed asset that can only be protected but not transferred. Therefore, the first response of river civilization against disasters is to stand up to them regardless of the cost.

Marine civilization relies on currency, a liquid asset that can be easily carried and transferred at any time. Therefore, the first response of marine civilization in the face of a disaster is to weigh the costs and benefits:

If benefits far exceed costs, it is worth putting up a fight; otherwise, it may be wiser to sneak away, even if it means leaving devastating flooding behind.

Throughout China’s history, records of ancient river-taming by Dayu, the Dujiangyan Irrigation System by Li Bing, modern Yangtze River flood fighting, Wenchuan earthquake rescue, and the COVID-19 are all cases of standing up to natural disasters.

When facing a calamity, from leaders of the country to the grassroots, all people make a concerted effort to contain the outbreak at all costs.

There is a strong contrast between river civilization and ocean civilization in dealing with disasters; the COVID-19 is the only the latest example.

Let’s compare the Black Death in the Middle Ages and the Northeast Pestilence in the early 1900s.

The Black Death in medieval Europe is also a plague spread mainly by rats. It reduced the European population by 1/3 and killed 25 million people.

Facing the Black Death, the nobles and officials with large amounts of wealth and resources fled overseas and the countryside together with their servants and vessels of gold and silver and left behind the civilians’ plight in the city. Isn’t this a familiar scene in New York at the beginning of the pandemic?

Although monarchs of various countries understood the severity of the plague and were determined to fight it, they were just the larger lords of many.

They did not have a top-down, sound administrative system or the ability to mobilize personnel and resources to fight the plague quickly.

So they could only watch their subjects die in masses and do nothing about it.

A similar plague broke out in Northeast China in the late Qing Dynasty, one of China’s weakest eras in history.

On October 25, 1910, a plague broke out in Manzhouli and quickly spread to Harbin, the center of Northeast China, on November 8. The epidemic soon spread like a river bursting its banks; it swept across the Northeast Plain and spread to several neighboring provinces.

People with critical conditions often had their entire family infected and killed. The prevention measure was to burn houses of those infected and died, and the soldiers and police officers who performed this duty also died afterward. For a while, all places were shrouded in the shadow of death, from the city to the countryside.

This plague happened a year before the Qing government was overthrown, and the dynasty’s at its weakest. Even so, this rotten government still managed to contain this horrible plague, with only 60,000 people died in the end.

A large part of the credit goes to a man named Wu Liande, appointed by the Qing government as the chief medical officer to take charge of the epidemic prevention.

Wu was a doctoral medical expert and public health expert at the University of Cambridge at 31.

Wu first requested all patients and those who had been in contact with them to be quarantined. The Qing government provided full support to all of Wu’s requirements.

According to Wu’s plan, the government transferred 1,160 soldiers from a nearby city to implement traffic control in the affected area and zoning.

The area was divided into four zones: white, red, yellow, and blue. All residents were strictly confined to their zones and forbidden to cross the line.

Initially, the Qing government provided the deceased a crude coffin for burial; but as the death toll increased, the corpses were placed directly in the cemetery. Wu believed the only way to dispose of these bodies safely is centralized cremation, which was taboo at the time.

Wu knew only a decree from the Emperor could make this happen. He took the local officials and squires to the cemetery for a walk and let them understand the condition’s gravity.

While Wu pleaded to the Emperor, local officials and squires also jointly applied to the province’s governor and implored cremation approval. In the end, the Qing government agreed to this request and issued an Emperor’s decree.

As Wu organized mass burning of corpses, the Tsarist Russia epidemic prevention department also sent people for observation and later followed the same approach.

Dr. Wu Liande made an outstanding contribution to the containment of this plague. Still, without the support of the Qing government’s administrative system from top to bottom, Dr. Wu would not be able to exert his great ability.

Back to the current epidemic, a large part of the credit why COVID-19 was contained in China so quickly goes to China being a river civilization, which comes with concerted disaster response in its gene.

In the maritime civilization, in the face of extreme disasters, the powerful are more likely to flee and leave the civilians behind.

Consultation of various chronic conditions

TCM to reduce the damage caused by surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy

In practice, I generally follow standard breast cancer treatment procedures, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and endocrine therapy.

However, TCM does have unique efficacy in alleviating the side effects and improving radiotherapy and chemotherapy tolerance. TCM’s strength lies in regulation, so I use WM to eliminate the tumors and TCM to strengthen body resistance.

The tumor is a life-threatening disease, wherein its natural course, it will prevail against the resistance.

Therefore, we must use powerful WM medicines to get rid of tumors. Chemotherapy could kill tumors relatively rapidly. But its shortcoming is the incompleteness.

No chemotherapy is sensitive to all tumor cells. The last tumor cells must be killed by the body itself rather than the chemo drugs.

Another disadvantage is excessive chemotherapy is destructive to the body’s defense mechanism.

For example, chemo and radiotherapy may inhibit bone marrow, destroy hematopoietic function, cause severe gastrointestinal reactions and other local and systemic radiation reactions.

Therefore, after going through radiotherapy and chemotherapy, cancer patients’ physique is largely destroyed.

On the other hand, the body’s immune system can kill certain tumors without any side effects or damage to normal cells.

Its weakness lies in it is only effective when the tumors are relatively small. For larger tumors, the immune system becomes limited. When the tumor becomes too large, it is almost impossible to kill the tumor by immunity alone.

Therefore, doctors must do two things from a practical point of view: remove the tumors and strengthen body resistance.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, a small number of tumor cells will inevitably remain, which are impossible to remove completely, thereby the problem of metastasis and recurrence.

So, we rely on the body’s immunity to kill the last remaining tumor cells.

When tumors pose an imminent threat to life, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy have to be conducted; the main task becomes getting rid of the tumors while making the best effort to preserve the resistance.

Patients are generally weak and accompanied by damage of the heart, liver, lung, spleen, and kidney in the TCM concept. Some patients would even become incontinent as much as coughing after chemotherapy.

Usually, WM treatment stops here, and the rest is left to the body. But in my opinion, this is not enough.

Some doctors turn to TCM to reduce the damage caused by surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy and improve patients’ life quality.

The practice has proved that TCM combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy can ensure smooth treatment, improve resistance, and prolong survival. It is an effective method for treating malignant tumors.

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What Are The Signs of A Healthy Baby- 1

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of T.C.M., Florida

I often tell my patients that I am different from all other doctors in the world.

Medical experts are everywhere- hepatologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, even hemorrhoid specialists, not to mention beauty specialists. Wherever there is money to be made, there are experts.

As for me, I opened the only health clinic in the world. I am nobody but a humble TCM doctor, but my specialty is health.

If you want to die of liver disease, you should see a hepatologist. If you want to die of heart disease, you should see a cardiologist. If you think kidney disease is cool, you should see a nephrologist.

However, if you are looking for health, you should go to a health expert, isn’t that correct? All I practice is health. I can make people healthy; that’s why I am a health expert.

The kind of medicine that I specialize in is studying how to restore patients’ health- orthodox TCM.

What are the signs of a healthy baby?

1. Nosebleeding

According to TCM theory, every child’s constitution under the age of 14 is pure Yang. Therefore it should be very sturdy as far as resistance is concerned.

Once getting a cold, the nose would bleed naturally before a high fever is developed to lower the body temperature. So occasional nosebleeding in children is utterly ordinary.

Because the lungs and nose are closely related in TCM, and children under 14 breathe via the lower abdomen, namely abdominal respiration. It is only after the age of 14 that they switch to chest respiration.

The small intestine’s heat would vaporize water in the large intestine, which rises to the lungs, making the lungs strong.

Also, the lungs govern the skin. Therefore, once catching a cold, the Exterior Evil would block the pores and prevent the body heat from dissipating, resulting in excessive body temperature, which is the source of fever.

Therefore, doctors proficient with traditional TCM prescriptions would use medicines for relieving exterior syndrome, such as Mahuang and Guizhi Decoction, Large and Small Qinglong Decoction, etc., intended to open up the pores and reduce the heat.

Now, suppose a child is normal; his nose may start bleeding after getting a cold, which means the illness would heal automatically and without needing any medicines.

The excess heat can be excreted from the body through nosebleeding. So it is safe to say that children whose nose bleeds frequently will not have high fever issues.

Once the vapor from the large intestine reaches the lungs, it would enter the skin surface to moisturize the skin. Hence the hot air observed when exhaling in winter.

WM knows that the large intestine absorbs water from food residues but has no idea how it is done. In particular, how can it only absorb clear water but not turbid fluids in the feces?

The large intestine would absorb the feces’ water just like how you get clean water in nature- boil and take water from the steam.

Here the age of 14 is the key. If someone still has nose bleeding after 14, then it is an illness, and he needs to see a doctor who specializes in health.

Breast Lump Reduction & Removal Consultation

What Are The Initial Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

There are a variety of symptoms of breast cancer. However, the most easily recognizable is always the seemingly innocent lump or cyst at first.

One school of the theory states that these bumps all arise from stagnant breast milk not discharged in time, therefore accumulate in the mammary glands. They may test benign at first, but eventually, all turn malignant. So one should look out for the bumps and try to remove them as soon as possible.

The good news is it’s possible to remove these early lumps, and even without the scary mastectomy or chemotherapy.

The easiest method is through massage. Work on the areas around the bumps, especially the connecting channels or meridians’ vicinity, and the bumps would become softer and disappear in time. However, this may be the method that takes the longest time.

Next is moxibustion, which is as easy as lighting a moxa cone and approaching specific acupoints. The moxa’s heat would penetrate the skin and into the cyst, where stagnation occurs, softening and removing it. This will be relatively faster than massaging and may take a couple of months before any results can be observed.

There are also acupuncture and TCM prescriptions, which would work faster but require help from a top-notch TCM physician, especially the latter. TCM prescriptions could cure some of the late-stage breast cancers, but probably no more than a handful of doctors in the US can make it happen since the late Master Dr. Ni.

Please refer to Causes of Breast Cancer 4- Excess Milk Accumulation, Breast Cancer Exams & Treatment, and other posts in the series for further info. More resources are available under the author’s profile.

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Causes of Gastric Cancer -2

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of T.C.M., Florida

Another cause is the abuse of medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers, and vitamins, which would weaken the stomach and give rise to reduced stomach resistance. There is also nurturing of cancer by taking various vitamins over the years.

All these would eventually lead to stomach cancer. Many patients think their cancer is out of misfortune, but it is more than that.

If you want to prevent stomach cancer, please my following advice:

  1. Eat meals at fixed hours and amount.
  2. Have desserts only occasionally.
  3. Keep a good mood during mealtime.
  4. Stay away from the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and coffee.

With these simple measures, you will prevent gastric cancer from happening.

For someone who already had this disease, please do not panic and seek help from a good TCM doctor, who will cure it within two weeks. If he is not sure of the result, ask him to tell the truth because it is a matter of life and death.

Once again, it is understandable that people may die of fear, ignorance, or by accident, but they should never die of illnesses caused by wrong treatment.

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Causes of Gastric Cancer – 1

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of T.C.M., Florida

Imagine you suddenly wake up in the middle of a night, vomit a lot of blood, and feel very uncomfortable in the stomach. You hurried to the hospital for a gastroscopy.

The doctor says you won’t need to go to work the next day because it is lymphoma metastasis to malignant gastric cancer; you must immediately excise the stomach and connect your duodenum to the esophagus, and followed by six months of chemotherapy.

Will you follow the suggestion? What are you going to do?

Frankly, it won’t matter how you choose, because you will die either way. Countless people die every year in the same situation.

If it happens to your enemies, you can celebrate with champagne. But if it is you or your loved ones, please keep reading carefully, so no one will have to die.

In WM, the cause of stomach cancer is entirely unknown, and the following research is for you and your friends and families only.

There are several causes of stomach cancer.

1. Excessive drinking;

2. A fondness for coffee;

3. Love of sweets.

 All these are relevant to acidity– wine is acidic, and coffee is highly acidic.   If all we use were sucrose, aka cane sugar, then there won’t be any problem.

But most of the sugar in stores is refined sugar, whose grain size is much smaller due to the processing, making them edible by the bacteria in the body.

Therefore the discharged metabolites are acidic too. Due to excessive acid staying in the body for too long, and this acid is different from the stomach acid, therefore, competes with it and causes severe consequences.

As a result, people would get stomach cancer without realizing it. WM doctors are not aware of this cause, and all they use is allopathy after the disease formed, so the patient will almost certainly die.

Causes of Breast Cancer 11- Why Women Should Stay Away from Breast Exams

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

According to TCM theory, both emotional distress and physical heart injury, often caused by Western medicines, can be attributed to impaired Heart function. So excessive worry, melancholy, nervousness, fear, hate, and sorrow are all contributing factors to breast cancer.

For example, a woman goes to a WM doctor for a physical exam every year. Afterward, she gets too nervous to sleep due to worry about the result. She may even wake up in the middle of the night because of bad dreams about the result.

Assume the result is negative, which is relieving for now. But what about next year? She will face the same situation again, and the cycle will continue in the future.

It is almost certain that she would get breast cancer one day, not only because of the repeat mental stress but also the physical harm introduced by the exam, e.g., the surgical biopsy.

This the reason why I always say the more examinations a woman receives, the easier it is to get breast cancer.

This kind of annual mental stress alone would make a woman scare to death.

The Department of Health in Taiwan encourages women to have annual breast exams, but is it working?

If so, why has the death rate of Taiwanese women from breast cancer been increasing every year since the policy was introduced? Why is it the second-highest among all diseases now?

Such wrong policies were made out of a lack of understanding of how and why breast cancer forms and unknowingly caused many innocent women to get breast cancer out of fear.

Causes of Breast Cancer 10- Summary of Pathogenic Factors

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

Based on the previous arguments, we can summarize the cause of breast cancer as the following:

1. People who are depressed, unforgiving, and can’t let go.

2. Women who like to take Western medicines and vitamins; these will make your hands and feet cold and vulnerable to breast cancer.

3. Excessive mental stress without route for relief, such as worrying about children. If born with a meek and restrained personality, it is also easier to get breast cancer.

4. Women who listen to WM advice and conduct frequent breast exams– their risk is exceptionally high.

5. Menopausal women who believe that taking female hormones could prevent osteoporosis. They are prone to breast cancer and brain tumor, leukemia, liver cancer, lung cancer, lupus erythematosus, malignant lymphoma, etc.

If combined with constipation, one could almost be sure that cancer is on the way.

6.  Women who are jealous and like to start rumors. The fabrication of rumors is usually accompanied by heartburn and insomnia, leading to menstrual disorders, not to mention the constant worry about being discovered. So they are also the high-risk group for breast cancer.

7. Hard-working women whose energy is exhausted for the family. Usually, they are busy at work, take little rest, focus on the husband and children, and forget to take good care of themselves, making them vulnerable to breast cancer.

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Causes of Breast Cancer 9- What Is The Best Treatment for Breast Cancer?

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

How do you find out initially when your heart is injured? A clear sign is chronic cold hands, especially if accompanied by insomnia. This combination is a sure indicator of a weak heart.

It also means that you must have done something wrong, such as taking too many Western medicines, including vitamins.

If so, one could seek help from TCM, either in the form of treatment or consultation. The situation would improve- some are faster, like in taking TCM prescriptions; others are slower, such as via regimen and change in daily habits.

Once the heart function is improved, excess milk will no longer accumulate in the breast but be discharged via menstruation. Moreover, existing milk accumulation would also diminish and disappear eventually- hence the curing of breast cancer starts.

In the initial stages, some physical therapy may help as well, such as massaging and moxibustion. These methods would soften the bumps in the breast and remove them over time.

So, there are essentially four ways in TCM that could all treat the best cancer; they are:

  1. Massage

It can help soften the breast bumps over time.

2. Moxibustion

It can also remove bumps in the breast by the heat generated during moxibustion.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture acupoints or channels related to the breast bumps would help soften and make them disappear too.

4. TCM prescriptions

The first three methods work best during the early stages of breast cancer and can be done more or less by patients themselves.

However, this last method is highly professional and can only be performed by seasoned TCM physicians with previous successful experience in such treatment, who are not easy to come across.

It is best to combine TCM prescriptions with some of the other three methods for better and faster efficacy under the physician’s proper instruction.

It would be a wonderful world if the public could only receive the correct medical knowledge and information so that they would be free of illness.

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