Moxibustion Facilities

In order to perform moxibustion, certain minimum requirement for facilities must be met, such as the following:

1. Bed or couch
The most common acupoints where moxibustion is performed are in the back and abdomen area, it is typically necessary for an individual to remain lying position when receiving moxibustion treatment. Therefore a bed or couch is often needed.

Since moxibustion fume can cause discomfort on many people, it is preferable to stay close to a window where smoke could be expelled. An appropriate distance between the bed and window is 2-4 feet.

Sofa by window
Sofa by window

2. Fume exhaust
As mentioned above, certain smoke exhaust device is needed, such as the one in the picture below.

Moxibustion hood
Moxibustion hood

3. Moxibustion equipment
1) Moxa stick
The safest method of choice is suspended moxibustion, an indirect method, which requires use of moxa stick.
2) Moxa cone
For better efficacy, direct moxibustion method can be considered, such as ginger-moxibustion, garlic moxibustion, etc., where moxa cone is needed.
3) Moxa box
For moxibustion on large area, such as the waist and back, moxa box is preferred.
4) Lighter
To light moxa stick/cone at the beginning of the procedure.
5) Glass bottle
If moxa stick was not burnt out at the end of the session, it is recommended to put it in a glass bottle and close the lid, so as to distinguish the fire completely. Some suggest immersing it in water, which could result the moxa not 100% distinguished and rekindle afterwards.

4. Adverse effect treatment
1) Iodine in alcohol

Treat possible blister that may appear after the treatment.
2) Band-aid
Cover the blistered area to keep from infection after treated with iodine in alcohol.

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