Effectiveness of moxibustion has been proven by millions and millions of people, yet it still varies on individual cases- some faster and some slower, depending on personal physique and life style. However, almost all people receiving it will experience improvement of health condition in one way or another.

The following is a list of elements that may hinder moxibustion from maximizing its efficacy, or completely void its therapeutic effect.

Moxibustion Questionnaire
1. Are your stools dry and difficult to discharge?
2. Is color of your urine dark and yellow (other than the first urination in the morning)?
3. Is your skin oily with acnes or pimples?
4. Do your body/cheeks often feel hot, especially in the afternoon or at night?
5. Do you look thin?
6. Is your vision blurred sometimes?
7. Do you often feel upset or irritable?
8. Are you easily hyperactive at night and difficult to fall asleep?
9. Are you having a fever?
10. (For women) Are you in the middle of a menstrual period or pregnant?
11. How often do you have cold drinks?
12. Do you stay in rooms with cold AC without wearing jacket or coat?
13. How often do you stay up late, e.g. sleep after 11PM?
14. How often do you eat meals at normal hours?
15. If any of the above habit is in conflict with your goal, are you willing to change them?