Cosmetology Effect of Moxibustion

Where do you think a person is least afraid of cold?

It is the face. You may understand better if recall people in the ski resort, where almost every part of the body is covered except the face. No matter how cold it is, the face will always be exposed, but you won’t feel cold. Why is it so?

It is because the head and face are the areas where Yang Qi is most abundant. So by strengthening Yang Qi in this region, it would be a shortcut speedy cure.

One of the greatest benefit of moxibustion is it could quickly eliminate acne in the face, especially the acne for the adult women. After several times, your face would turn pink and white, and skin texture would improve perceptibly, which is almos as effective as the expensive cosmetics. Meanwhile, it was also found that chronic and allergic rhinitis that have been dragging for years often improve too.

Granted one must be careful not to touch moxa stick with the skin if you don’t want to leave any scar.

If your constitution is deficient in Yang, you could quickly get local channels dredged via moxibustion, and restore luster to the face. If you are past adolescence and deficient in Yang Qi, then effect of this method would be even more amazing- it could slow down aging and rejuvenate.

Furthermore, moxibustion of the Yintang acupoint could also help you discover other hidden conditions of the body. Then you can combine moxibustion with other methods and obtain unexpected health enhancement effects.

Yintang acupoint
Yintang acupoint

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