Moxibustion Case*- Bloated Abs & Irregular Menstration (II)

Through previous discussion, we know moxibustion has very good therapeutic effect on diseases caused by Cold-evil, Qi stagnation and Original Qi deficiency; so it seems to be a good therapy. Then why does it introduce new diseases? Is it because moxibustion is performed improperly? No, they are all done correctly. The reason arises from an important theory of TCM-human being is a unified whole, the acupoints are points on meridians within the body. Therefore stimulating any part of the body could cause reaction of the whole body, and stimulation of any acupoints could also trigger reaction within this meridian.

The girl mentioned before performed moxibustion on the acupoint of Sanyinjiao, which is intersection of the spleen, kidney, and liver meridians; so all three meridians were influenced at the same time. The spleen meridian is in charge of the digestive function of the body, and kidney and liver meridians are closely related to the reproductive system. During moxibustion of the Sanyinjiao, heating Yang Qi enters these three meridians, which promotes digestive function, dispels Cold in the kidney and liver meridians, thereby the feeling of Qi moving towards interior of the vagina. The evil of Cold and Dampness is excreted from the reproductive system, which appears in the form of leucorrhea and vaginal itching in women. 

Sanyinjiao and intersecting meridians
Sanyinjiao and intersecting meridians

After all it is the process of rejection of external Evils by the body, which proves presence of Cold in the kidney and liver meridians of the girl all the time. This process is actually very good and once appears, it must be encouraged and sustained, and the disease would be cured in no time.

Now it is easier to understand why I encouraged her to continue perform moxibustion on those points. Many people choose to stop moxibustion at this time because they don’t know such reactions are actually good, which could cause Evil Qi to remain inside the body and this is very unfortunate in treatment.

Within about a month, this girl left me another messaged again:
“I adhereed to moxibustion after listening to your words, and finally my vaginitis and indigestion are all cured. Honestly, it was not easy. In the first few days, I could barely stand the itching below (vaginal itching). But thankfully it was gone in 3 days, and so were the (vaginal) secretions. Now I am relieved from trouble of indigestion and gynecological diseases, and have become more energetic. Thank you so much! ”

*These cases are selected from a book “Various Diseases Treated by Moxibustion”, written by Shan Xiamin, a renowned Chinese doctor.

**Severe adverse effect may occur, one should not perform any type of moxibustion without instruction of person of rich experience or professional.

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