Legendary Treatment for Diarrhea and Urine Retension


There was once a patient with serious diarrhea for days. No medicine could help, not even the simpleton’s father. So the simpleton was invited.

He fetched a few corn hearts, crushed them, cooked in soup, and fed the soup to the patient. Miraculously the diarrhea stopped.

His father wondered: “Why did you do this?

The simpleton replied: ” Don’t you see all corks of oil bottles and cans in the village are made of corn heart? If it could plug those, anus would be nothing.

His father sighed happily: “What a magical skill!

Corn hearts

Urine Retension

One day, the simpleton’s father was unable to urinate. He tried a lot of medicines on himself but to no avail, and he had to ask for his son’s opinion.

The simpleton said: “That’s easy.”

He carried his dad on the back and started running; after about two miles they arrived at some reed mashes, and simpleton dashed into it. Soon he was covered all over with muddy water.

Reed Mashes

His father suddenly felt an urge to urinate, and relieved himself even before coming off his son’s back.

The father shook his head and was very confused.

The simpleton said: “Dad, don’t you see that large livestock like donkeys, horses, and mules all dive into the reeds and pee after coming a long journey downhill?




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