Head Sore Gone in Hours by Plaster

Due to uncertainty of TCM, good doctors are hard to come by. The same medicine may be useless for one doctor, but become magical life-saving elixir in the hands of another.

When I was still in high school, a sore boiled on my head in a winter, which was itchy and unbearable. Just as I was ready to go to hospital and have it surgically removed, my dad said: “That’s stupid, why don’t you go to Uncle Lang’s house and ask for a dose of plaster, it will surely work!


Worried that the wound may scare other passengers, I covered the wound in the head with one hand, and went to uncle Lang’s house. He was actually not a doctor, but his mother.

There had been generations of TCM doctors in uncle Lang’s family, but it came to a stop at his mother’s generation.

The reason was her father had given birth to 6 daughters in a row, and did want to keep trying.

The traditional idea was that medical skills could be passed to male heirs only, but no female. As an alternative, the Master had to secretly teach each of his daughters one special prescription before she got married. It may not make a fortune, but enough to make ends meet.

Thanks to this prescription, the old lady raised all her children and paid for several decent weddings.

Because the friendship spanning for generations between our families, the lady was quite straightforward with me, and asked: “Do you want to make it quick or slow? There are issues with going fast, and benefits with going slow.

“Of course I want it fast, It hurts like hell, and it’s no fun to keep a wound like this on myhead.”

She further explained said if going slow, a plaster would be applied to slowly pull out the pathogens, leaving behind no boil scars. If fast, it will be gone in the same day, but with the risk of scar.

I still want to get rid of it fast.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am certain.

She took out a green plaster, heated it till soften, and then put on my wound, soon pus and blood started to come out.

On my way home, it made quite a scene on the bus- people looked at me like a monster. I had completely no idea the plaster would work so quickly.

But soon the pain stopped-only a bit itchy, there’s a refreshing feeling in the affected area. Later, there was a boil scar, but very small, and it healed over time.




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