What Are The Signs of A Healthy Baby- 1

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of T.C.M., Florida

I often tell my patients that I am different from all other doctors in the world.

Medical experts are everywhere- hepatologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, even hemorrhoid specialists, not to mention beauty specialists. Wherever there is money to be made, there are experts.

As for me, I opened the only health clinic in the world. I am nobody but a humble TCM doctor, but my specialty is health.

If you want to die of liver disease, you should see a hepatologist. If you want to die of heart disease, you should see a cardiologist. If you think kidney disease is cool, you should see a nephrologist.

However, if you are looking for health, you should go to a health expert, isn’t that correct? All I practice is health. I can make people healthy; that’s why I am a health expert.

The kind of medicine that I specialize in is studying how to restore patients’ health- orthodox TCM.

What are the signs of a healthy baby?

1. Nosebleeding

According to TCM theory, every child’s constitution under the age of 14 is pure Yang. Therefore it should be very sturdy as far as resistance is concerned.

Once getting a cold, the nose would bleed naturally before a high fever is developed to lower the body temperature. So occasional nosebleeding in children is utterly ordinary.

Because the lungs and nose are closely related in TCM, and children under 14 breathe via the lower abdomen, namely abdominal respiration. It is only after the age of 14 that they switch to chest respiration.

The small intestine’s heat would vaporize water in the large intestine, which rises to the lungs, making the lungs strong.

Also, the lungs govern the skin. Therefore, once catching a cold, the Exterior Evil would block the pores and prevent the body heat from dissipating, resulting in excessive body temperature, which is the source of fever.

Therefore, doctors proficient with traditional TCM prescriptions would use medicines for relieving exterior syndrome, such as Mahuang and Guizhi Decoction, Large and Small Qinglong Decoction, etc., intended to open up the pores and reduce the heat.

Now, suppose a child is normal; his nose may start bleeding after getting a cold, which means the illness would heal automatically and without needing any medicines.

The excess heat can be excreted from the body through nosebleeding. So it is safe to say that children whose nose bleeds frequently will not have high fever issues.

Once the vapor from the large intestine reaches the lungs, it would enter the skin surface to moisturize the skin. Hence the hot air observed when exhaling in winter.

WM knows that the large intestine absorbs water from food residues but has no idea how it is done. In particular, how can it only absorb clear water but not turbid fluids in the feces?

The large intestine would absorb the feces’ water just like how you get clean water in nature- boil and take water from the steam.

Here the age of 14 is the key. If someone still has nose bleeding after 14, then it is an illness, and he needs to see a doctor who specializes in health.

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