Efficacy of moxibustion on leg pain


My mother is 79 years old and is recently plagued by leg pain. She has been taking medicines and using plasters but to no avail. 10 days ago I told her to perform moxibustion on the Zusanli point with moxa stick and stop taking medicines. Her pain was gone within a week!

This method is truly amazing. In addition, I am in my 40s and still have acne on my chin and neck. I have been performing moxibustion at the Guanyuan point, and the acne stopped forming within days. This is so cool.

Leg pain

My mother also has skin itching, especially the night after eating meat or fish. May I ask on which acupoints should moxibustion be performed?

She has scar constitution, and is left with scars from an operation. Can moxa sticks be used on her scars?


Hi. Some people often think moxibustion is mysterious, but it is actually pretty simple. As long as you give it a try, you will experience its magical effect.

This is not me bragging, but friends coming to my blog sharing their experiences and bringing us confidence.

Moxibustion is simple because practically everyone could do it, and most cases is performed locally. For example, your mother suffers from the leg pain. The acupoint for moxibustion is the Zusanli point, as well as the affected area. If it wasn’t any of the serious leg diseases, you would see improvements soon.

As far as scar constitution is concerned, not only can moxibustion be performed at area of the scar, but also the scar would gradually decrease.

For the itchiness, the following acupoints could be chosen: Chize, Xuehai, Dazhui, Feishu, Shenque, Guanyuan, and Zusanli.



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3 Major Causes of Illness (2)- Dredge Meridians- Back Pain

Dredge Meridians

Dredging meridians is actually dissolving Qi stagnation, because meridians are the channels of Qi. When meridians are opened, Qi would run smoothly. In TCM there is a famous saying- ‘Stagnation leads to pain’, so the most typical manifestation of meridian blockage is pain, such as headache, back and leg pain, etc., which are all of the same cause. 

When treating these diseases, I often perform acupuncture on corresponding acupoints first, and then moxibustion. Moxibustion features heat and dispersion, the acupuncture needles could conduct heat into the body, thus allowing heat to dissolve stagnated Qi in meridians. Once the meridians are dredged, Qi and Blood can reach the viscera, just like farmland being adequately irrigated, and diseases would heal naturally.

Moxibustion* of the following acupoints would treat back pain:

1. Shenyu

Shenyu acupoint
Shenyu acupoint

 2. Yangguan

Yangguan acupoint
Yangguan acupoint

3. Weizhong

Weizhong acupoint
Weizhong acupoint

*Severe adverse effect may occur, one should not perform any type of moxibustion without instruction of person of rich experience or professional.