Breast Lipomas Reduced without Surgery

During one of my physical exam, breast lipomas were found (one on the left and two on the right). They were so big that can be easily felt by hands.


WM doctors said surgery was the only option, but no girl would like to be operated on the breast and leave ugly scars.

I adamantly rejected my parents’ advice of going with the surgery (which would almost surely relapse as far as I know).

Because of my understanding of TCM, I went to see a TCM doctor, but my hopes were not high. I was so blessed to have met a solid doctor; he made me a prescription through only inquiry and inspection, without even taking my pulse.

The most amazing part is later when I was away, I could inquire him via Instant Message and Facetime, and he would write out another prescription.

It is the second dose now. I can feel clearly by touch that the lipomas are only 1/3 of the original size, and have softened.

With such progress, I think I’ll be cured after another dose.

I am deeply grateful to the doctor. In fact I also saw other TCM doctors in the past, and many said they were powerless. But if encountering the right doctor, it would indeed work like a charm!

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