Lung Cancer and Brain Tumor *


A white American woman came to see me for the first time.

She reported that she received surgical resection two years ago due to her lung cancer. Within a few months, she started to have vision problems and found the lung cancer had metastasized to a brain tumor.

Another surgery was performed to remove the brain tumor. But lung tumor was found to grow back within a few months, which was removed again through surgery.

However, another brain tumor grew back in months.

So she was diagnosed with both lung cancer and brain tumor, which kept coming back after surgery.

This case proves that Western Medicine does not know the cause of cancer; therefore, it cannot prevent cancer from coming back.

The result is that the more surgical removal, the faster cancer grows and metastasizes.

Now readers may realize why I have been so opposed to cancer treatment by WM? Because they don’t know what the cause of cancer is.

Even more ridiculous is when I asked her: “How did you find out about the lung cancer?

She said that initially, there was a pain in her right shoulder, so she got an X-ray. The result showed a white lump in her right lung.

The doctor immediately told her that it was a tumor and must be surgically removed as soon as possible; otherwise, it would metastasize.

Without giving it much thought or seeking a second opinion, she decided to get the surgery. Never did she expect the never-ending nightmare that would follow.

Eventually she realized it would be a dead-end continuing to be treated by the WM, so she came to see me through my accountant’s reference.

There are ‘Eight Principles of Syndrome Differentiation’ in TCM diagnosis. A good TCM doctor could use them to distinguish whether the patient has fatal cancer at a very early stage.

Many tumors do not worsen quickly and are not fatal. But if a doctor is trigger-happy and shoots at every shadow on an X-Ray, the patient’s life will be in danger due to unnecessary treatment.

Tumors have been found in a large portion of the population, including those who lived for over 100 years. Forensic examinations revealed that these centenarians did not die because of cancer but natural causes.

This means their cancers had lived with them for a long time without affecting their longevity; therefore, they are harmless.

For example, in the United States, it has also been found that prostate cancer in the elderly is a very slow-growing cancer. It would not cause fatal results even when the patient lives to a hundred years old.

So now American doctors have changed their attitude and no longer require the elderly to have regular prostate examinations.

Even if the elderly are found to have prostate cancer, surgery or chemotherapy are no longer recommended.

Because such treatment would accelerate the spreading of cancer, and the patient would die sooner, and the life quality would be low, so why bother?

In the past few years, prostate cancer had been listed as the number one killer of men in the United States.

After countless men died unnecessarily, WM doctors finally learned that the patients would not die because of the lack of treatment, but the situation may worsen with more treatment.

In other words, many patients died of overtreatment, and not because of cancer.

The WM doctor who performed the examination and the operation on this woman made the same mistake, where he failed to find out whether the tumor in the lung was malignant or not and rushed for surgery.

The result of the arbitrary surgery was that the more the surgery performed, the more the tumors grew back, and the faster the metastasis speed.

The surgeries were utterly helpless and would only worsen the patient’s condition.

This was the typical case of improper treatment causing the unnecessary death of innocent people.

* These cases were from the medical journals of Dr. Ni, a renowned TCM doctor who used to practice in Merritt Island, Florida.

Dr. Ni Haixia was born in Taipei in 1954. He used to be the Dean of the Hantang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States and a professor at the California University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Ni opened the Hantang Chinese Medicine Clinic in Merritt Island, FL., in 1989. He founded the HanTang TCM Medical College in 1995.

He was elected as a member of the Supreme TCM Committee of the Florida Department of Health and in charge of all physician qualification, license renewal, and physician re-education programs. He was also appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Florida Acupuncture Committee by the Governor of Florida and assisted in passing the Acupuncture Act in Nebraska.

Dr. Ni practiced in the United States for more than 20 years, and he cured many diseases that were considered incurable by WM via TCM prescriptions. He was highly esteemed by the patients and the medical community and was often referred to by patients as “The last hope.”