Moxibustion at One Location Could Treat Multiple Diseases- Case: Cold & Rhinitis* (I)

Moxibustion at one location could treat multiple diseases (I)

As a doctor who has practiced for more than 30 years, I started to write blogs about my decades’ of experience after retirement. One of the purpose is to help those who are perplexed by illnesses yet unable to seek proper treatment.

Many of the inquiries I receive were about how to use moxibustion to treat diseases. Based on my own experience, moxibustion as a method for treatment is inexpensive, simple to operate, and very effective. It has proved for good result on most common diseases and chronic diseases. Another advantage of moxibustion is performing on one site could treat multiple diseases, which seems only possible in TCM. 

Yingxiang acupoint
Yingxiang acupoint

One of my patient was affected with common cold, whose main symptom was runny nose. I introduced him to a common moxibustion method** for treating colds: light a moxa stick, and suspend the burning end above skin at a distance where perceived temperature from the burning moxa stick is just tolerable. The distance could be further at the beginning, and shortened as one gets more comfortable. Next, start to move the moxa stick from Yingxiang acupoint upwards Yintang acupoint along bridge of the nose; hover above Yintang acupoint for a while, and then to the temple along the eyebrow; practice this repeatedly until skin turns flushed under the moxa fire. This is a moxibustion method called Mild Moxibustion, which would not harm the skin. I also told him it is only when the nose no longer feels hot, but a little cold, will it signify completion of the process. The effect would be best at this time, and could get the job done.

Yintang acupoint

He followed my advice and tried this method at home, but it did not work. He called me the next day and reported the cold felt worse after getting up in the morning; so he performed it again. Unexpectedly he found blood in snot after sneezing, and he felt dry mouth dry during the next few days. He asked if it moxibustion did not work on him, and worried whether new problems would happen besides blood in snot.

*These cases are selected from a book “Various Diseases Treated by Moxibustion”, written by Shan Xiamin, a renowned Chinese doctor.

**Severe adverse effect may occur, one should not perform any type of moxibustion without instruction of person of rich experience or professional.