Girl Falling from 4th Floor Stairs

The other day I fell the stairs from the 4th floor, tumbling down all the way and with head down. For a second I thought it would probably be my last moments in the world.

Then I found myself unable to move, and felt falling apart.

It happened that I had another bad fall just a week ago, where I landed on my buttocks and the injury had not healed.

Fortunately, I fell not far from where a senior TCM doctor lived. Since I couldn’t move, I was carried into his house.

Seeing the old doctor, my tears could not help rolling down- it never hurt like this in my life.

“Absolutely I am going to be paralyzed.” I thought.

My arms, waist, and legs all hurt as if hammered a thousand times.

My poor little bones ~~

But the doctor did not say a word; he gave me some pills while smiling at me crying out loud.

A minute passed, I felt an unspeakable warmth flowing through all my pain points.

There was a little bit numbness, and suddenly it didn’t hurt anymore.

Even the butt that had been hurting for days stopped hurting.

That’s my experience- entered lying and came out walking.

Then I spent the next day roaming on the street all day.

———————————————Health is Wealth—————————————

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