Is Moxibustion Suitable for Everyone? (1)

Based on many materials I read, including some books on TCM theory and consultation with doctors of TCM, it seems that not everyone is suitable for moxibustion, and the use of moxibustion does bear certain contraindications.

As a traditional health treatment, moxibustion uses natural product such as moxa or moxa stick, to burn and generate heat and smoke that carries healing and health enhancing power, which could fumigate and stimulate different acupoints in the body, strengthen the Yang, as well as all parts of the body, and remove Cold and Evil. Thus the body would enter a positive cycle and eliminate diseases. After performing moxibustion for a period of time, many people would feel better mood, more energetic, and sleep quality greatly improved, thereby becoming more healthy.

However, despite all these benefits, not everyone is suitable for moxibustion, or at all times.

Suspended Moxibustion
Suspended Moxibustion

One example is my mother-in-law, who always feel dry mouth after moxibustion, and could not sleep well, thus getting more uncomfortable rather than the opposite. Why is this? The answser is from Western Medicine diagnosis, her blood pressure is relatively high, and occasionally she still takes antihypertensive drugs to control her blood pressure. According to TCM diagnosis, she has hyperactivity of Liver Yang and needs to to nourish Yin, regenerate Body Fluid and clear Fire in daily life. Since moxibustion is a treatment that introduces more Fire into the body rather than clear it, her case is not suitable for moxibustion.

My mother also likes moxibustion. While watching me do it, she asked if I could perform it on her too? Afterwards she reported feeling energetic and sleeping well . Every year during dog days in summer, she would feel a little debilitated; but she said she felt energized and comfortable after moxibustion was performed.

This means it varies from person to person, and moxibustion is not suitable for everyone. A word of caution: it is a taboo to perform moxibustion during pregnancy.

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