Causes of Breast Cancer 9- What Is The Best Treatment for Breast Cancer?

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

How do you find out initially when your heart is injured? A clear sign is chronic cold hands, especially if accompanied by insomnia. This combination is a sure indicator of a weak heart.

It also means that you must have done something wrong, such as taking too many Western medicines, including vitamins.

If so, one could seek help from TCM, either in the form of treatment or consultation. The situation would improve- some are faster, like in taking TCM prescriptions; others are slower, such as via regimen and change in daily habits.

Once the heart function is improved, excess milk will no longer accumulate in the breast but be discharged via menstruation. Moreover, existing milk accumulation would also diminish and disappear eventually- hence the curing of breast cancer starts.

In the initial stages, some physical therapy may help as well, such as massaging and moxibustion. These methods would soften the bumps in the breast and remove them over time.

So, there are essentially four ways in TCM that could all treat the best cancer; they are:

  1. Massage

It can help soften the breast bumps over time.

2. Moxibustion

It can also remove bumps in the breast by the heat generated during moxibustion.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture acupoints or channels related to the breast bumps would help soften and make them disappear too.

4. TCM prescriptions

The first three methods work best during the early stages of breast cancer and can be done more or less by patients themselves.

However, this last method is highly professional and can only be performed by seasoned TCM physicians with previous successful experience in such treatment, who are not easy to come across.

It is best to combine TCM prescriptions with some of the other three methods for better and faster efficacy under the physician’s proper instruction.

It would be a wonderful world if the public could only receive the correct medical knowledge and information so that they would be free of illness.

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Is It Possible to Perform Moxibustion at Home?

Because of innate risk factor of moxibustion, primarily the various adverse effect, where some could become very uncomfortable and may take weeks to disappear, such as certain rashes; also in come cases, new symptoms, especially those related to past illnesses of the individual, would emerge again after the treatment is performed, which be very confusing and even frightening. So it is not recommended to perform moxibustion without proper guidance.

However, the overall safety record of moxibustion is pretty high, and even the most serious adverse effect could be eliminated with correct measures. In fact, moxibustion is deemed a relatively safe treatment method of TCM, which includes acupuncture, cupping, scraping theropy, massaging, and herbs.

The greatest challenge of performing it at home actually lies in whether one could obtain proper guidance to sail through various obstacless through moxibustion.

  1. What kind of equipment is to be selected?
  2. Where to get quality moxa/stick?
  3. Which moxibustion method is best based on individual case?
  4. What diseases or conditions can be treated by moxibustion?
  5. How to select acupoints that would best treat disease or conditions?
  6. What are the precautions that need to be followed?
  7. What are the diseases/conditions not suitable for moxibustion?
  8. What kind of adverse effect may happen during and after moxibustion, and how serious can they become? 
  9. Most importantly, if adverse effects did happen, are they treatable? and if so, how to treat them?
  10. Are there any other benefits of moxibustion other than treating diseases/discomforts, such as improve constitution and enhance immune system, so that one would be well equipped against possible pathogenic factor in the future?
  11. If any accidents during moxibustion happens, how to deal with them?
  12. And more…

Therefore, we are providing a consultation service that is targeted at solving all questions and doubts you may have about performing moxibustion at home, so you could fully enjoy the immense benefits that have been proven to be effective for over 2,000 years and on numerous people for a variety of diseases & conditions.

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Is Moxibustion Suitable for Everyone? (1)

Based on many materials I read, including some books on TCM theory and consultation with doctors of TCM, it seems that not everyone is suitable for moxibustion, and the use of moxibustion does bear certain contraindications.

As a traditional health treatment, moxibustion uses natural product such as moxa or moxa stick, to burn and generate heat and smoke that carries healing and health enhancing power, which could fumigate and stimulate different acupoints in the body, strengthen the Yang, as well as all parts of the body, and remove Cold and Evil. Thus the body would enter a positive cycle and eliminate diseases. After performing moxibustion for a period of time, many people would feel better mood, more energetic, and sleep quality greatly improved, thereby becoming more healthy.

However, despite all these benefits, not everyone is suitable for moxibustion, or at all times.

Suspended Moxibustion
Suspended Moxibustion

One example is my mother-in-law, who always feel dry mouth after moxibustion, and could not sleep well, thus getting more uncomfortable rather than the opposite. Why is this? The answser is from Western Medicine diagnosis, her blood pressure is relatively high, and occasionally she still takes antihypertensive drugs to control her blood pressure. According to TCM diagnosis, she has hyperactivity of Liver Yang and needs to to nourish Yin, regenerate Body Fluid and clear Fire in daily life. Since moxibustion is a treatment that introduces more Fire into the body rather than clear it, her case is not suitable for moxibustion.

My mother also likes moxibustion. While watching me do it, she asked if I could perform it on her too? Afterwards she reported feeling energetic and sleeping well . Every year during dog days in summer, she would feel a little debilitated; but she said she felt energized and comfortable after moxibustion was performed.

This means it varies from person to person, and moxibustion is not suitable for everyone. A word of caution: it is a taboo to perform moxibustion during pregnancy.

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Secret of Staying Health- Regulate Righteousness Qi

Regulate Righteousness Qi

The 3 principles of expelling Cold-evil, dredging meridians, and supplementing Original Yang are primarily suitable for people of illnesses. How about healthy people, what can they do to remain healthy? 

The answer is to regulate Righteousness Qi, which could prevent disease and maintain health, and is recommended for everyone. Those who are familiar with TCM would know it is very particular about “Qi”, like Nutrient Qi, Defense Qi, Yang Qi and so on.

So what is Righteousness Qi?
– It’s the ability of the human body to fight against Evil, or pathogenic factors.

The reason why people would get sick is because of insufficient Righteousness Qi, which can be divided into two cases: Deficiency and Excess.
– Deficiency means Righteousness Qi is weak, &
– Excess means Evil is excessive. 

Therefore, regulating Righteousness Qi would help human body fight against Evil so that Righteousness Qi could prevail.

This is probably most distinct in the case of an influenza. Usually influenza spreads in a large area where significant number of people live, but always only a fraction of the population is affected, while not the rest even though they are exposed to the same virus. One theory accredits this to their robust immune system, but from TCM’s perspective, it is the abundant Righteousness Qi that protects body against the virus (Evil).

In my experience, moxibustion is effective for both Deficiency and Excess cases, and my first option when it comes to advice to patients. When Righteousness Qi is well regulated, Evil would not prevail. This is important for both patients and healthy people.  

When in sickness, one should
1) expel Cold-evil,
2) dredge the meridians, and
3) supplement Original Yang.

When healthy, one should regulate Righteousness Qi so that Evil Qi would not prevail. If these four items were all well taken care of, one should have nothing to worry about staying healthy.  

What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion is a type of TCM therapy, which is usually mentioned in the same breath with acupuncture. Moxibustion refers to a natural remedy that stimulates acupoints on the body surface by use of mild heat of burning wormwood, which further stimulates function of the viscera and meridians within human body through meridian conduction, and regulates operation of the body’s Yin/Yang and Qi/Blood.

By performing moxibustion on different acupoints, not only can it treat and prevent diseases but also strengthen the body.

After thousands of years’ practice, it has been proved that moxibustion bears certain irreplaceable and unique advantages, and become an important means of health maintainance and disease treatment. It could only achieve function of systematic therapy when the medicinal and warming effects of moxibustion are applied on acupoints of meridians.

The following painting was from the Song Dynasty of China, which was painted around 1100AD. It depicted scene of a physician performing moxibustion on a patient.

Moxibustion Painting from 1100 AD
Moxibustion Painting from 1100 AD

The benefits of moxibustion are really difficult to express by words, it’s magical efficacy can only be discovered by experiencing it in person.

How to take good care of the kidneys? (I)

Kidney deficiency can also lead to uremia. Here we will discuss how to nurse kidney deficiency by nourishing and protecting kidney.

1. Moxibustion 
day 1: Zhongwan, Zusanli acupoint
day 2: Mingmen, Shenque acupoint
day 3: Shenyu, Guanyuan acupoint
day 4: Yaoyangguan, Qihai acupoint

Perform moxibustion circularly among the above acupoints, note that the acupoints need to be determined according to the specific symptoms and condition of the patient.

Moxibustion time:
– 15 minutes of suspended moxibustion for adults and
– 40 to 50 minutes for moxibustion apparatus.

2. Dredge the kidney channel
In addition to moxibustion of the acupoints, one could dredge kidney channel in the leg from the bottom to top (from the Yongquan to root of the thighs), which would and also help regulate kidney problems and restore Kidney Yang.

Method: Use the thumb to press the Yongquan acupoint, push upward from Rangu till root of the thigh; do it 3-5 times until skin turns slightly red.

Kidney channel
Kidney channel