Life Saving Signs in Urine: Three Signals (II)

2. Urinal foam
Many men are probably going to wonder isn’t it not normal to have bubbles in the urine? Yes if the urinal foam is easily dissipated and of limited amount. 

Unusual bubbles:
However, if there is a lot of bubbles in the urine which do not disappear for a long time, then be alerted as it may be the message shy kidney sends you through urine.

Kidney diseases could cause urine protein, which increases surface tension of the urine and forms smaller, difficult-to-dissipate bubbles.

If you were concerned, it is best to go to the hospital and conduct a routine urine check,  or 24-hour urine protein quantification, any abnormalities could reveal whether it is proteinuria.

Urinal bubbles
Urinal bubbles

3. Frequent nightly restroom visit 

If anyone has to get up repeatedly to urinate at night, please beware of kidney disease.

There are some exceptions thought- for children under the age of 7 who are not yet fully physically developed, elderly with degenerative changes, and pregnant women, physiological nocturia may be normal. But healthy adults generally do not have such issues.

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