Special Duel Style and Treatment of Hematemesis

I once heard a veteran TCM doctor talk about curative effect of boy’s urine. He said that in the old days there was a special kind of hooligan, with style similar to ancient swordsmen.

Their method of a duel was very unorthodox: the two parties of the duel would grasp the belt of each other in one hand, hold a wooden mallet in the other, and smash at each other for dear life. The head, face and crotch are forbidden areas.

Wooden Mallet

Whoever starts vomiting blood first will lose; or anyone dodging the mallet, even if slightly.

During the duel, someone would have bowl of boy’s urine on standby, and those who vomited blood would immediately drink it up.

Allegedly this could heal the injury by promoting tissue regeneration, as well as dispersing Qi and stasis, according to TCM theory.

Because of this empirical way of medical practice, many inconceivable drugs and treatments came into being.




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Life Saving Signs in Urine: Three Signals (II)

2. Urinal foam
Many men are probably going to wonder isn’t it not normal to have bubbles in the urine? Yes if the urinal foam is easily dissipated and of limited amount. 

Unusual bubbles:
However, if there is a lot of bubbles in the urine which do not disappear for a long time, then be alerted as it may be the message shy kidney sends you through urine.

Kidney diseases could cause urine protein, which increases surface tension of the urine and forms smaller, difficult-to-dissipate bubbles.

If you were concerned, it is best to go to the hospital and conduct a routine urine check,  or 24-hour urine protein quantification, any abnormalities could reveal whether it is proteinuria.

Urinal bubbles
Urinal bubbles

3. Frequent nightly restroom visit 

If anyone has to get up repeatedly to urinate at night, please beware of kidney disease.

There are some exceptions thought- for children under the age of 7 who are not yet fully physically developed, elderly with degenerative changes, and pregnant women, physiological nocturia may be normal. But healthy adults generally do not have such issues.

Life Saving Signs in Urine: Three Signals (I)

Human beings have two kidneys, and their functions are very powerful. They serve as filters in the body; each day they filter and clean about 200 liters of blood, and the filtered waste is discharged via the urine.


The kidneys are ‘introverts’ and not good at expressing themselves. Urine, however, acts like a “spokesperson” for the kidney. When the urine is abnormal, very likely it’s the kidney calling for help!

When kidney disease deteriorates to the advanced stage, uremia can occur. Uremic disease is a common clinical syndrome of various advanced kidney diseases and is the end stage of the development of chronic kidney failure, which could severely affect a patient’s physical health and quality of life, and has a high mortality rate.

Here we will impart two tricks to discern early signals of kidney disease:
1. Observe the urine;
2. Look out for three types of pain

Three signals revealed by urine

1) Urine color

1. Normal color:
Normal urine generally have clear appearance when water supply is sufficient; otherwise the color will become light yellow. Normal urine has a light ammonia smell, but it is nothing pungent. 

2. Abnormal colors:
Color of red, meat washing water, and brown could all be indicators of kidney disease. “Meat washing water color” can be literally understood as color of diluted blood after pork is washed .

3. Pseudo hematuria:
However, sometimes after eating foods of heavy pigment such as pitaya (aka the dragon fruit), beet, mulberry, red urine could also be observed. This is called “pseudo hematuria”, which is normal.

So if color of the urine changes significantly, one should think about what foods has been eaten lately, and see if there would be any improvement in the next few days.

Urine color comparison
Urine color comparison

4. How to distinguish between true and false hematuria?
Honestly it is hard to tell the difference. If still no significant change in urine was observed in a few days, it is best to go to the hospital for a urine test.

The test standard is whether there are red blood cells in the urine. For pseudo hematuria, urine test is normal and without red blood cells; if  caused by kidney disease, urine test will indicate a lot of red blood cells.

Red blood cells
Red blood cells