Treatment for Slow Growth

In my hometown, those of small stature during adolescence would go to a TCM doctor.

He would cut up an area in their palm between index and middle finger, and take out some small, yellow stuff similar to chicken gizzards. Then the person would grow taller.

It is pretty effective, many people have tried it and saw good result, including myself- My parents are no more than 5’5″, but I am over 5’9″. But nobody could provide a good explanation.

Later I found a possible explanation online:

Modern medical research believes that acupuncture at Sifeng (EX-UE 10) acupoint can increase saliva secretion and effect of saliva amylase, and increase content of trypsin, pancreatic amylase, and pancreatic lipase in the intestines, thus enhancing digestive function.

For those with malnutrition and rickets, after acupuncture at the Sifeng acupoint, it was found that content of both serum calcium and phosphorus increased, while alkaline phosphatase activity decreased.

As a result, the product of calcium and phosphorus increased, which helps bone development and growth in children.

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How to take good care of the kidneys? (I)

Kidney deficiency can also lead to uremia. Here we will discuss how to nurse kidney deficiency by nourishing and protecting kidney.

1. Moxibustion 
day 1: Zhongwan, Zusanli acupoint
day 2: Mingmen, Shenque acupoint
day 3: Shenyu, Guanyuan acupoint
day 4: Yaoyangguan, Qihai acupoint

Perform moxibustion circularly among the above acupoints, note that the acupoints need to be determined according to the specific symptoms and condition of the patient.

Moxibustion time:
– 15 minutes of suspended moxibustion for adults and
– 40 to 50 minutes for moxibustion apparatus.

2. Dredge the kidney channel
In addition to moxibustion of the acupoints, one could dredge kidney channel in the leg from the bottom to top (from the Yongquan to root of the thighs), which would and also help regulate kidney problems and restore Kidney Yang.

Method: Use the thumb to press the Yongquan acupoint, push upward from Rangu till root of the thigh; do it 3-5 times until skin turns slightly red.

Kidney channel
Kidney channel