Causes of Breast Cancer 11- Why Women Should Stay Away from Breast Exams

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

According to TCM theory, both emotional distress and physical heart injury, often caused by Western medicines, can be attributed to impaired Heart function. So excessive worry, melancholy, nervousness, fear, hate, and sorrow are all contributing factors to breast cancer.

For example, a woman goes to a WM doctor for a physical exam every year. Afterward, she gets too nervous to sleep due to worry about the result. She may even wake up in the middle of the night because of bad dreams about the result.

Assume the result is negative, which is relieving for now. But what about next year? She will face the same situation again, and the cycle will continue in the future.

It is almost certain that she would get breast cancer one day, not only because of the repeat mental stress but also the physical harm introduced by the exam, e.g., the surgical biopsy.

This the reason why I always say the more examinations a woman receives, the easier it is to get breast cancer.

This kind of annual mental stress alone would make a woman scare to death.

The Department of Health in Taiwan encourages women to have annual breast exams, but is it working?

If so, why has the death rate of Taiwanese women from breast cancer been increasing every year since the policy was introduced? Why is it the second-highest among all diseases now?

Such wrong policies were made out of a lack of understanding of how and why breast cancer forms and unknowingly caused many innocent women to get breast cancer out of fear.