What Are The Initial Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

There are a variety of symptoms of breast cancer. However, the most easily recognizable is always the seemingly innocent lump or cyst at first.

One school of the theory states that these bumps all arise from stagnant breast milk not discharged in time, therefore accumulate in the mammary glands. They may test benign at first, but eventually, all turn malignant. So one should look out for the bumps and try to remove them as soon as possible.

The good news is it’s possible to remove these early lumps, and even without the scary mastectomy or chemotherapy.

The easiest method is through massage. Work on the areas around the bumps, especially the connecting channels or meridians’ vicinity, and the bumps would become softer and disappear in time. However, this may be the method that takes the longest time.

Next is moxibustion, which is as easy as lighting a moxa cone and approaching specific acupoints. The moxa’s heat would penetrate the skin and into the cyst, where stagnation occurs, softening and removing it. This will be relatively faster than massaging and may take a couple of months before any results can be observed.

There are also acupuncture and TCM prescriptions, which would work faster but require help from a top-notch TCM physician, especially the latter. TCM prescriptions could cure some of the late-stage breast cancers, but probably no more than a handful of doctors in the US can make it happen since the late Master Dr. Ni.

Please refer to Causes of Breast Cancer 4- Excess Milk Accumulation, Breast Cancer Exams & Treatment, and other posts in the series for further info. More resources are available under the author’s profile.

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Causes of Breast Cancer 11- Why Women Should Stay Away from Breast Exams

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

According to TCM theory, both emotional distress and physical heart injury, often caused by Western medicines, can be attributed to impaired Heart function. So excessive worry, melancholy, nervousness, fear, hate, and sorrow are all contributing factors to breast cancer.

For example, a woman goes to a WM doctor for a physical exam every year. Afterward, she gets too nervous to sleep due to worry about the result. She may even wake up in the middle of the night because of bad dreams about the result.

Assume the result is negative, which is relieving for now. But what about next year? She will face the same situation again, and the cycle will continue in the future.

It is almost certain that she would get breast cancer one day, not only because of the repeat mental stress but also the physical harm introduced by the exam, e.g., the surgical biopsy.

This the reason why I always say the more examinations a woman receives, the easier it is to get breast cancer.

This kind of annual mental stress alone would make a woman scare to death.

The Department of Health in Taiwan encourages women to have annual breast exams, but is it working?

If so, why has the death rate of Taiwanese women from breast cancer been increasing every year since the policy was introduced? Why is it the second-highest among all diseases now?

Such wrong policies were made out of a lack of understanding of how and why breast cancer forms and unknowingly caused many innocent women to get breast cancer out of fear.

Causes of Breast Cancer 10- Summary of Pathogenic Factors

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

Based on the previous arguments, we can summarize the cause of breast cancer as the following:

1. People who are depressed, unforgiving, and can’t let go.

2. Women who like to take Western medicines and vitamins; these will make your hands and feet cold and vulnerable to breast cancer.

3. Excessive mental stress without route for relief, such as worrying about children. If born with a meek and restrained personality, it is also easier to get breast cancer.

4. Women who listen to WM advice and conduct frequent breast exams– their risk is exceptionally high.

5. Menopausal women who believe that taking female hormones could prevent osteoporosis. They are prone to breast cancer and brain tumor, leukemia, liver cancer, lung cancer, lupus erythematosus, malignant lymphoma, etc.

If combined with constipation, one could almost be sure that cancer is on the way.

6.  Women who are jealous and like to start rumors. The fabrication of rumors is usually accompanied by heartburn and insomnia, leading to menstrual disorders, not to mention the constant worry about being discovered. So they are also the high-risk group for breast cancer.

7. Hard-working women whose energy is exhausted for the family. Usually, they are busy at work, take little rest, focus on the husband and children, and forget to take good care of themselves, making them vulnerable to breast cancer.

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Causes of Breast Cancer 9- What Is The Best Treatment for Breast Cancer?

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

How do you find out initially when your heart is injured? A clear sign is chronic cold hands, especially if accompanied by insomnia. This combination is a sure indicator of a weak heart.

It also means that you must have done something wrong, such as taking too many Western medicines, including vitamins.

If so, one could seek help from TCM, either in the form of treatment or consultation. The situation would improve- some are faster, like in taking TCM prescriptions; others are slower, such as via regimen and change in daily habits.

Once the heart function is improved, excess milk will no longer accumulate in the breast but be discharged via menstruation. Moreover, existing milk accumulation would also diminish and disappear eventually- hence the curing of breast cancer starts.

In the initial stages, some physical therapy may help as well, such as massaging and moxibustion. These methods would soften the bumps in the breast and remove them over time.

So, there are essentially four ways in TCM that could all treat the best cancer; they are:

  1. Massage

It can help soften the breast bumps over time.

2. Moxibustion

It can also remove bumps in the breast by the heat generated during moxibustion.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture acupoints or channels related to the breast bumps would help soften and make them disappear too.

4. TCM prescriptions

The first three methods work best during the early stages of breast cancer and can be done more or less by patients themselves.

However, this last method is highly professional and can only be performed by seasoned TCM physicians with previous successful experience in such treatment, who are not easy to come across.

It is best to combine TCM prescriptions with some of the other three methods for better and faster efficacy under the physician’s proper instruction.

It would be a wonderful world if the public could only receive the correct medical knowledge and information so that they would be free of illness.

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Causes of Breast Cancer 8- Why Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too?

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

In ancient China, there were also records of men getting breast cancer.

The typical case happened on a candidate for the imperial examination- the equivalence of the modern Civil Servant Examination, but is more competitive and held every three years.

When he repeatedly failed the exam over the years, small lumps would start to form around his nipples, then break, and followed by discharge of the yellow liquid. Eventually, it would develop into breast cancer.

The mechanism of men getting breast cancer is similar to that of women, except it is not caused by refluent milk, but semen, back into the breasts. Men’s physiological circulatory system is opposite to that of women, which will be explained in the future.

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Causes of Breast Cancer 7- Is Breast Cancer Hereditary?

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

One assertion of WM is that breast cancer can be passed on to the next generation.

According to TCM theory, breast cancer is nonhereditary but caused by hereditary personality.

First, if a mother is sentimental, chances are her daughter may have the same personality.

Secondly, the daughter is told that breast cancer is hereditary, so she would become worried and scared.

Then she may share the same habits as her mother, like taking Western medicines, including vitamins.

All of these would lead to breast cancer, which will be referred to by WM as evidence that breast cancer is indeed hereditary.

WM still doesn’t know the source of breast cancer, which is excess milk accumuled in the breast hardening and developing into breast cancer. But this has not prevented them from making false claims and causing panic among women.

As a result, women would worry and start to get annual mammography and biopsy, further increasing the risk of breast cancer. Hence the cycle of the nightmare.

Therefore, the high mortality rate of breast cancer is caused by the wrong WM theories.

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Causes of Breast Cancer 5- How Excess Milk Causes Lung, Liver And Brain Cancer in Women

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

Unaware of the origin of breast cancer,  WM focuses entirely on killing cancer cells, which causes panic and insomnia in the patient.

According to TCM theory, worry would harm the lungs, which are the source of breast milk. If the lungs are injured, the milk will flow back into them. Therefore, breast cancer would pass on to the lungs after WM treatment, which is lung cancer’s metastasis.

Similarly, if the heart is hurt, it would cause the milk to flow back into the heart, and causing lupus erythematosus in WM.

Right below the nipples is the liver meridian. If the refluent milk flows into the liver along this meridian, liver cancer metastasis will result.

In TCM theory, the lung, kidney, and brain are closely related. Once this milk enters the lungs, it will descend to the kidneys and then rise to the brain.

Because milk is a form of food, it can pass through the blood-brain barrier and cause brain tumors. Similarly, other cancer metastasis would occur due to the reflux of milk into various organs.

Since the doctors who treat breast cancer do not know that the putrid milk is the cause of breast cancer, the more treatment a patient receives, the quicker cancer spreads, and the faster breast cancer patients die.

On the other hand, if staying untreated, the milk would stay in the breasts, and patients would live till the toxins enter internal organs, which would take about 14 years, according to TCM records.

This is why I assert that when treated by WM, often, the patient died of the treatment rather than breast cancer. The standard of survival time is based on ancient records.

If WM treatment of breast cancer could make patients survive for more than 14 years, I will admit that they are effective. Otherwise, it would prove the patient died from the treatment, not from breast cancer itself.

Causes of Breast Cancer 2- Relation between Menstruation and Breast Milk

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

According to the Meridian theory, there are a total of 11 meridians converging at the breast. With so many complicated meridians gathered here, naturally, diseases are easy to arise, and with different causes.

Meridians/ Channels in the Breasts

The breast is like an intersection joined by 11 roads, but with only one traffic light- the heart, no wonder it is prone to accidents and problems.

Based on TCM theory, breast milk and menstruation are the two sides of one coin.

There are two direct pieces of evidence.

First, ask any mother if she has menstruation during breastfeeding, and the answer would be ‘No.’ During breastfeeding, there is no menstruation.

Has it ever occurred to you that breast milk and menstruation could be from the same source, so when milk is produced, menstruation is gone?

Secondly, according to the WM theory, menstruation is the excreted unfertilized egg from the body.

However, there is no egg entering the uterus after ligation, yet why is the menstruation still present?

From these two pieces of evidence, it can be proved that menstruation and breast milk are from the same origin, but not menstruation and eggs.

The heart controls the menstrual cycle. In the thousands of years’ TCM records and research of the heart, there was no mention of such issues as cardiac valvular insufficiency defined by the WM.

They happen in modern times from the excessive taking of Western medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies, such as antibiotics, painkillers, many controlling drugs, female hormones, and even vitamin E, all of which can hurt the heart.

But in their advertising, vitamin E is being advocated as capable of preventing heart diseases.

When the heart is harmed, insomnia would initially arise.

WM does not know that insomnia is mainly caused by Western medicines’ side effects, domestic troubles, and depression.

So WM would prescribe sleeping pills or anti-depressive drugs for insomnia patients, making things even worse and bringing more damage to the heart.

Eventually, due to a lack of energy in the heart, breast milk can not completely transport to the uterus.

After the menstrual period, there will still be residual milk in the breast, which will accumulate every month.

Causes of Breast Cancer 1- the myth of 5-year survival rate

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

The earliest complete records of breast cancer in China was in the Song Dynasty (960- 1279 AD). It was called – Brest Rock at the time because the tumor was as hard as a rock.

Since the onset, it would typically last about 14 years, during which pink skin from psoriasis around the areola would occur at first. The lump gradually began to enlarge till it burst the epidermis and ulcerated.

Eventually, dark brown body fluid would discharge, whose odor is so intense that one could smell it from  20 feet away.  If a patient stays in a room for 20 minutes, the smell could last for a whole week. The ulcered wound would be so deep that the ribs become visible, and dark blood discharge during the later stage.

Breast Cancer Stages

Strangely enough, from beginning to end, patients would feel no pain at all but only feel piercing heartburn before dying. Based on ancient records, if breast cancer were not treated, the patient would survive for about 14 years.

Such cases only happened in ancient times due to the underdeveloped medical treatment, lack of doctors, and limited transportation. Now almost no patient is left untreated because WM is so widespread.

But WM is unaware that the TCM record of breast cancer cases has long existed. The average five-year survival rate of breast cancer has increased to 91% in the U.S. But is it really as encouraging as it sounds when comparing to ancient cases where no treatment was received at all?

If left completely untreated, one may even live longer and with much less physical pain. The patient may have to live with the stinking smell but can eat and sleep as usual.

The Best Measure Is to Treat A Disease before It Happens- II *

In TCM theory, thyroid problems could be traced back to the heart. The origin of this patient’s discomfort is extended taking of the medicines, whose toxin has harmed the heart, thereby causing insomnia. Another consequence is the milk can not all descend into the uterus and become menstruation, so an excess of milk would reverse into the heart, just like adding fuel to the fire.

Therefore, the patient would feel hot and dry. Since the milk cannot enter the heart all at once, these excessive nutrients would enter the limbs, which would be painful.

From the tenderness of the fifth vertebra, we can now know that it is just a case of Excessive Heart Fire now, which is very easy to cure, as it is before the onset of the disease.

As mentioned in an old TCM idiom- The best measure is to treat a disease before it happens.

TCM could collect rich information from the symptoms and get a good grasp of the condition based on the symptoms only.

On the other hand, WM doctors need to wait till a disease can be confirmed, usually by abnormal test results, before any action could be taken, so their response is often too late. 

They do not know where a disease comes from, therefore cannot prevent diseases from occurring, nor do they understand the correlation between diseases.

Simply put, the so-called Syndrome Differentiation in TCM is the ability to tell what is hidden inside while standing outside and without needing any intrusive exam methods.

In ancient times, under ruling of a sage minister who had a profound vision and knew how to take precaution against potential crises, the country may be prosperous and peaceful, but the people did not feel his merits.

Mediocre people only give credit to ministers who successfully handled a crisis after it happened. Since mediocre people constitute the majority of the population, TCM appears lusterless when it could prevent diseases or crises from happening.

Currently, for patients who have been diagnosed with Lupus by WM, the fastest record of my treatment is a recovery in 55 days. If the right treatment was performed before the onset of lupus, it could be cured within 30 days.

Moreover, TCM could also prevent the patient from getting diseases that could be evolved from lupus, such as breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumor, lymphoma, lung cancer, and liver cancer. The benefits to the patient would be huge.

* These cases were from the medical journals of Dr. Ni, a renowned TCM doctor who used to practice in Merritt Island, Florida.

Dr. Ni Haixia was born in Taipei in 1954. He used to be the Dean of the Hantang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States and a professor at the California University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Ni opened the Hantang Chinese Medicine Clinic in Merritt Island, FL., in 1989. He founded the HanTang TCM Medical College in 1995.

He was elected as a member of the Supreme TCM Committee of the Florida Department of Health and in charge of all physician qualification, license renewal, and physician re-education programs. He was also appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Florida Acupuncture Committee by the Governor of Florida and assisted in passing the Acupuncture Act in Nebraska.

Dr. Ni practiced in the United States for more than 20 years, and he cured many diseases that were considered incurable by WM via TCM prescriptions. He was highly esteemed by the patients and the medical community and was often referred to by patients as “The last hope.”