Is It Possible to Perform Moxibustion at Home?

Because of innate risk factor of moxibustion, primarily the various adverse effect, where some could become very uncomfortable and may take weeks to disappear, such as certain rashes; also in come cases, new symptoms, especially those related to past illnesses of the individual, would emerge again after the treatment is performed, which be very confusing and even frightening. So it is not recommended to perform moxibustion without proper guidance.

However, the overall safety record of moxibustion is pretty high, and even the most serious adverse effect could be eliminated with correct measures. In fact, moxibustion is deemed a relatively safe treatment method of TCM, which includes acupuncture, cupping, scraping theropy, massaging, and herbs.

The greatest challenge of performing it at home actually lies in whether one could obtain proper guidance to sail through various obstacless through moxibustion.

  1. What kind of equipment is to be selected?
  2. Where to get quality moxa/stick?
  3. Which moxibustion method is best based on individual case?
  4. What diseases or conditions can be treated by moxibustion?
  5. How to select acupoints that would best treat disease or conditions?
  6. What are the precautions that need to be followed?
  7. What are the diseases/conditions not suitable for moxibustion?
  8. What kind of adverse effect may happen during and after moxibustion, and how serious can they become? 
  9. Most importantly, if adverse effects did happen, are they treatable? and if so, how to treat them?
  10. Are there any other benefits of moxibustion other than treating diseases/discomforts, such as improve constitution and enhance immune system, so that one would be well equipped against possible pathogenic factor in the future?
  11. If any accidents during moxibustion happens, how to deal with them?
  12. And more…

Therefore, we are providing a consultation service that is targeted at solving all questions and doubts you may have about performing moxibustion at home, so you could fully enjoy the immense benefits that have been proven to be effective for over 2,000 years and on numerous people for a variety of diseases & conditions.

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