Secret of Staying Health- Regulate Righteousness Qi

Regulate Righteousness Qi

The 3 principles of expelling Cold-evil, dredging meridians, and supplementing Original Yang are primarily suitable for people of illnesses. How about healthy people, what can they do to remain healthy? 

The answer is to regulate Righteousness Qi, which could prevent disease and maintain health, and is recommended for everyone. Those who are familiar with TCM would know it is very particular about “Qi”, like Nutrient Qi, Defense Qi, Yang Qi and so on.

So what is Righteousness Qi?
– It’s the ability of the human body to fight against Evil, or pathogenic factors.

The reason why people would get sick is because of insufficient Righteousness Qi, which can be divided into two cases: Deficiency and Excess.
– Deficiency means Righteousness Qi is weak, &
– Excess means Evil is excessive. 

Therefore, regulating Righteousness Qi would help human body fight against Evil so that Righteousness Qi could prevail.

This is probably most distinct in the case of an influenza. Usually influenza spreads in a large area where significant number of people live, but always only a fraction of the population is affected, while not the rest even though they are exposed to the same virus. One theory accredits this to their robust immune system, but from TCM’s perspective, it is the abundant Righteousness Qi that protects body against the virus (Evil).

In my experience, moxibustion is effective for both Deficiency and Excess cases, and my first option when it comes to advice to patients. When Righteousness Qi is well regulated, Evil would not prevail. This is important for both patients and healthy people.  

When in sickness, one should
1) expel Cold-evil,
2) dredge the meridians, and
3) supplement Original Yang.

When healthy, one should regulate Righteousness Qi so that Evil Qi would not prevail. If these four items were all well taken care of, one should have nothing to worry about staying healthy.