The Best Measure Is to Treat A Disease before It Happens- II *

In TCM theory, thyroid problems could be traced back to the heart. The origin of this patient’s discomfort is extended taking of the medicines, whose toxin has harmed the heart, thereby causing insomnia. Another consequence is the milk can not all descend into the uterus and become menstruation, so an excess of milk would reverse into the heart, just like adding fuel to the fire.

Therefore, the patient would feel hot and dry. Since the milk cannot enter the heart all at once, these excessive nutrients would enter the limbs, which would be painful.

From the tenderness of the fifth vertebra, we can now know that it is just a case of Excessive Heart Fire now, which is very easy to cure, as it is before the onset of the disease.

As mentioned in an old TCM idiom- The best measure is to treat a disease before it happens.

TCM could collect rich information from the symptoms and get a good grasp of the condition based on the symptoms only.

On the other hand, WM doctors need to wait till a disease can be confirmed, usually by abnormal test results, before any action could be taken, so their response is often too late. 

They do not know where a disease comes from, therefore cannot prevent diseases from occurring, nor do they understand the correlation between diseases.

Simply put, the so-called Syndrome Differentiation in TCM is the ability to tell what is hidden inside while standing outside and without needing any intrusive exam methods.

In ancient times, under ruling of a sage minister who had a profound vision and knew how to take precaution against potential crises, the country may be prosperous and peaceful, but the people did not feel his merits.

Mediocre people only give credit to ministers who successfully handled a crisis after it happened. Since mediocre people constitute the majority of the population, TCM appears lusterless when it could prevent diseases or crises from happening.

Currently, for patients who have been diagnosed with Lupus by WM, the fastest record of my treatment is a recovery in 55 days. If the right treatment was performed before the onset of lupus, it could be cured within 30 days.

Moreover, TCM could also prevent the patient from getting diseases that could be evolved from lupus, such as breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumor, lymphoma, lung cancer, and liver cancer. The benefits to the patient would be huge.

* These cases were from the medical journals of Dr. Ni, a renowned TCM doctor who used to practice in Merritt Island, Florida.

Dr. Ni Haixia was born in Taipei in 1954. He used to be the Dean of the Hantang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States and a professor at the California University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Ni opened the Hantang Chinese Medicine Clinic in Merritt Island, FL., in 1989. He founded the HanTang TCM Medical College in 1995.

He was elected as a member of the Supreme TCM Committee of the Florida Department of Health and in charge of all physician qualification, license renewal, and physician re-education programs. He was also appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Florida Acupuncture Committee by the Governor of Florida and assisted in passing the Acupuncture Act in Nebraska.

Dr. Ni practiced in the United States for more than 20 years, and he cured many diseases that were considered incurable by WM via TCM prescriptions. He was highly esteemed by the patients and the medical community and was often referred to by patients as “The last hope.”