Causes of Breast Cancer 1- the myth of 5-year survival rate

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

The earliest complete records of breast cancer in China was in the Song Dynasty (960- 1279 AD). It was called – Brest Rock at the time because the tumor was as hard as a rock.

Since the onset, it would typically last about 14 years, during which pink skin from psoriasis around the areola would occur at first. The lump gradually began to enlarge till it burst the epidermis and ulcerated.

Eventually, dark brown body fluid would discharge, whose odor is so intense that one could smell it from  20 feet away.  If a patient stays in a room for 20 minutes, the smell could last for a whole week. The ulcered wound would be so deep that the ribs become visible, and dark blood discharge during the later stage.

Breast Cancer Stages

Strangely enough, from beginning to end, patients would feel no pain at all but only feel piercing heartburn before dying. Based on ancient records, if breast cancer were not treated, the patient would survive for about 14 years.

Such cases only happened in ancient times due to the underdeveloped medical treatment, lack of doctors, and limited transportation. Now almost no patient is left untreated because WM is so widespread.

But WM is unaware that the TCM record of breast cancer cases has long existed. The average five-year survival rate of breast cancer has increased to 91% in the U.S. But is it really as encouraging as it sounds when comparing to ancient cases where no treatment was received at all?

If left completely untreated, one may even live longer and with much less physical pain. The patient may have to live with the stinking smell but can eat and sleep as usual.