Is Moxibustion Suitable for Everyone? (2)

So if someone’s physical condition is suitable for moxibustion, does it mean moxibustion can be performed at any time? The answer is no.

Many people may have heard of the saying that women cannot perform moxibustion during menstruation. I think this makes good sense in principle. Because the innate nature of moxibustion is Pure Yang, once enters the body, it would accelerate blood circulation and significantly ehnance vitality. However, for a girl with heavy menstrual flow, moxibustion during menstrual period would lead to even greater bleeding, thereby weakening the body, which is counterproductive of purpose of moxibustion. Therefore, moxibustion during menstruation should be very cautious.

Suspended Moxibustion
Suspended Moxibustion

There is a reason that I did not shut the door completely about performing moxibustion during menstruation, because it is not absolute. Traditional Chinese Medicine originated from philosophy, and is dialectical in a sense. One example is a classmate of mine, who exhibited symptoms of Blood Stasis. She often performs moxibustion in the middle of her period, which would make her menstruation smoother and her body more relaxed.

The moral of her case is moxibustion must be performed based on wise selection of timing, and depend on individual situation, so as to maximize its effect.

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