The Best Measure Is to Treat A Disease before It Happens- I *

03/31/2005                         Sunny                    4 p.m.           Merritt Island, FL

A female, 38 years old, Colombian, married with one daughter.

She had been extremely tired, had muscle pains in both arms and calves during the past five years. Every time it ached, there would be redness of the skin on her cheeks.

Doctors at the hospitals could not find anything wrong with her but said it was a pain of the muscle fibers. Lupus erythematosus was not detected.

She had many red acne on her face and chest.

“Do you have insomnia?”

“Are you constipated?”
– “Yes.”

“Do you feel hot or cold when you sleep at night?”
– “Hot, and it’s so hot that my husband can’t get anywhere near me.”

I looked at her medical record and saw Synthroid, the most widely used medicine for thyroid in the United States.

“How long have you been taking this medicine?”
– “About eight years, and it doesn’t feel too effective.”

I check her spine and found strong tenderness points under the fifth vertebra.


This is a typical case of preventive treatment of diseases. The WM doctor must wait till someone is seriously ill before making a name for the condition, such as lupus, and then attribute it to the immune system.

The doctors don’t have much clue what’s going on. The patient may be afflicting a lot, but the doctors still thought it’s all right- because the machines could detect nothing wrong.

They don’t know what’s going on from start to finish. The patient is suffering a great deal, yet they still say she is not sick, which is genuinely harmful.

* These cases were from the medical journals of Dr. Ni, a renowned TCM doctor who used to practice in Merritt Island, Florida.

Dr. Ni Haixia was born in Taipei in 1954. He used to be the Dean of the Hantang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States and a professor at the California University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Ni opened the Hantang Chinese Medicine Clinic in Merritt Island, FL., in 1989. He founded the HanTang TCM Medical College in 1995.

He was elected as a member of the Supreme TCM Committee of the Florida Department of Health and in charge of all physician qualification, license renewal, and physician re-education programs. He was also appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Florida Acupuncture Committee by the Governor of Florida and assisted in passing the Acupuncture Act in Nebraska.

Dr. Ni practiced in the United States for more than 20 years, and he cured many diseases that were considered incurable by WM via TCM prescriptions. He was highly esteemed by the patients and the medical community and was often referred to by patients as “The last hope.”

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