Wash Your Hands after Hospital Visits, So 99% of The Bacteria would Be Killed

More than 80,000 bacteria were brought home from the hospital! 47% of people have the habit of not washing their hands after seeing a doctor.

People should be careful when visiting the hospital. According to a consumer association investigation, up to 82,000 bacteria could be detected on hands after visiting a hospital, which is 600 times dirtier than the toilet.

Moreover, bacteria are invisible. 47% of the people do not have the habit of washing their hands after seeing a doctor, meaning they directly take the bacteria home. If you touched the face or grabbed the food, illness would sneak in.

When walking into a hospital, one touches the stairs’ rails and feels around in the waiting room. No wonder the a large amount of bacteria on the hands. According to a survey, less than 50% of people have the habit of washing hands before and after seeing a doctor.

The survey showed that 48% of people did not wash hands when entering the hospital, and almost 47% did not wash hands after leaving the hospital.

Most of the people who have the habit of washing hands are students.

Therefore, hand washing is a necessary move for protection when visiting the hospital. Correct handwashing could eliminate 99% of the bacteria.

One thing that worth noticing is the viruses brought home from the hospital are generally super viruses, and few antibiotics could kill them.

Because bleach strong disinfectants are used for disinfection in hospitals every day, you can imagine what tough viruses still survive in such environment.

Also, while in the hospital, you are surrounded by various diseases, making it challenging to stay healthy too.

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