Causes of Breast Cancer 4 – Excess Milk Accumulation, Breast Cancer Exams & Treatment

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

Since WM does not know that breast cancer is caused by excessive milk accumulation in the breast, women are encouraged to undergo routine examinations such as mammography or biopsy. However, these exams would bring harm to the mammary gland.

Due to the damage in gland ducts, small gaps will form, which is where milk is most likely to accumulate and penetrate the body. This means the more exams you do, the easier it is to get breast cancer.

So it’s the husband, not the gynecologist, who is the best candidate for breast cancer exams.

It is well known that when food goes bad, it could become poisonous. If excessive milk stays in the breast for too long, it will spoil like other food.

The doctors treating breast cancer daily have all experienced the stink from breast cancer. Sometimes I almost pass out during the treatment, but I still need to act calm and pretend it’s all right.

The surgery and chemotherapy recommended by WM would further harm the heart.

Moreover, if a patient were not advised against a diet rich in milk and vitamins, these nutrients would help support the progression of breast cancer, bring more damage to the heart, and make things even worse.

These factors are why menopausal women are more prone to breast cancer after taking female hormones- because artificial female hormones would increase the amount of excess milk in the breast.

In the United States, it is approved by the federal government that farms could use female hormones to feed cows, which would significantly increase milk production. This is one of the reasons I never drink milk in the U.S.- I am afraid that my breasts would grow large.

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