TCM to reduce the damage caused by surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy

In practice, I generally follow standard breast cancer treatment procedures, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and endocrine therapy.

However, TCM does have unique efficacy in alleviating the side effects and improving radiotherapy and chemotherapy tolerance. TCM’s strength lies in regulation, so I use WM to eliminate the tumors and TCM to strengthen body resistance.

The tumor is a life-threatening disease, wherein its natural course, it will prevail against the resistance.

Therefore, we must use powerful WM medicines to get rid of tumors. Chemotherapy could kill tumors relatively rapidly. But its shortcoming is the incompleteness.

No chemotherapy is sensitive to all tumor cells. The last tumor cells must be killed by the body itself rather than the chemo drugs.

Another disadvantage is excessive chemotherapy is destructive to the body’s defense mechanism.

For example, chemo and radiotherapy may inhibit bone marrow, destroy hematopoietic function, cause severe gastrointestinal reactions and other local and systemic radiation reactions.

Therefore, after going through radiotherapy and chemotherapy, cancer patients’ physique is largely destroyed.

On the other hand, the body’s immune system can kill certain tumors without any side effects or damage to normal cells.

Its weakness lies in it is only effective when the tumors are relatively small. For larger tumors, the immune system becomes limited. When the tumor becomes too large, it is almost impossible to kill the tumor by immunity alone.

Therefore, doctors must do two things from a practical point of view: remove the tumors and strengthen body resistance.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, a small number of tumor cells will inevitably remain, which are impossible to remove completely, thereby the problem of metastasis and recurrence.

So, we rely on the body’s immunity to kill the last remaining tumor cells.

When tumors pose an imminent threat to life, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy have to be conducted; the main task becomes getting rid of the tumors while making the best effort to preserve the resistance.

Patients are generally weak and accompanied by damage of the heart, liver, lung, spleen, and kidney in the TCM concept. Some patients would even become incontinent as much as coughing after chemotherapy.

Usually, WM treatment stops here, and the rest is left to the body. But in my opinion, this is not enough.

Some doctors turn to TCM to reduce the damage caused by surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy and improve patients’ life quality.

The practice has proved that TCM combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy can ensure smooth treatment, improve resistance, and prolong survival. It is an effective method for treating malignant tumors.

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Causes of Gastric Cancer – 1

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of T.C.M., Florida

Imagine you suddenly wake up in the middle of a night, vomit a lot of blood, and feel very uncomfortable in the stomach. You hurried to the hospital for a gastroscopy.

The doctor says you won’t need to go to work the next day because it is lymphoma metastasis to malignant gastric cancer; you must immediately excise the stomach and connect your duodenum to the esophagus, and followed by six months of chemotherapy.

Will you follow the suggestion? What are you going to do?

Frankly, it won’t matter how you choose, because you will die either way. Countless people die every year in the same situation.

If it happens to your enemies, you can celebrate with champagne. But if it is you or your loved ones, please keep reading carefully, so no one will have to die.

In WM, the cause of stomach cancer is entirely unknown, and the following research is for you and your friends and families only.

There are several causes of stomach cancer.

1. Excessive drinking;

2. A fondness for coffee;

3. Love of sweets.

 All these are relevant to acidity– wine is acidic, and coffee is highly acidic.   If all we use were sucrose, aka cane sugar, then there won’t be any problem.

But most of the sugar in stores is refined sugar, whose grain size is much smaller due to the processing, making them edible by the bacteria in the body.

Therefore the discharged metabolites are acidic too. Due to excessive acid staying in the body for too long, and this acid is different from the stomach acid, therefore, competes with it and causes severe consequences.

As a result, people would get stomach cancer without realizing it. WM doctors are not aware of this cause, and all they use is allopathy after the disease formed, so the patient will almost certainly die.

How to Treat A Cold

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of T.C.M., Florida

Cold is a serious issue. The U.S. federal government has spent numerous dollars and invested countless resources in medical research. But still, no cure has been found for a single disease, not even the simple cold.

The cold/flu vaccine was created to prevaricate the public from the poor result, claiming to prevent colds/flu. In fact, many still caught a cold despite the shot, and some even died after the injection of vaccines.

People continue to get colds after the vaccination. The so-called cold vaccine is simply a big scam.

On the other hand, T.C.M. has been curing colds since about 2,000 years ago. As long as one could study the ‘Treatise on Febrile Diseases‘ well, you can quickly treat a cold.

It was mentioned in the ‘Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor‘- The beginning of all diseases arises from the wind, which is the cold’s primary cause.

So the T.C.M. classic stated that if colds could be cured, all other ailments would be nipped in the bud.

This is similar to the W.M. theory that the human immune system could help fight cancer. However, W.M. has yet to propose any method to strengthen immunity.

On the contrary, many W.M. treatments would harm the immune system, such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

The weaker the immunity, the more likely it is to catch a cold, and the more antibiotics prescribed. With such a vicious cycle, the human life span would be shortened for sure.

In T.C.M., the cold is divided into three stages. The first is the Taiyang syndrome, where the illness still stays on the human body’s surface. Here we should use drugs for relieving the Exterior Disorder, i.e., diaphoretic.

The second is the Shaoyang syndrome, where viruses stay in the endocrine or lymphatic system. We would use the reconciliatory drug that can expel the viruses via the urine.

The third is the Yangming syndrome, where viruses stay in the large and small intestines and cause constipation. We would use a cathartic prescription at this time to remove viruses from the feces.

These logical rules of treatment from above were established 2,000 years ago.

I often mention to my patients that if a doctor can’t even cure a simple cold, how could he cure cancer? It’s like a contractor who cannot even pain a wall; how could you expect him to build a whole house?

Causes of Breast Cancer 4 – Excess Milk Accumulation, Breast Cancer Exams & Treatment

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

Since WM does not know that breast cancer is caused by excessive milk accumulation in the breast, women are encouraged to undergo routine examinations such as mammography or biopsy. However, these exams would bring harm to the mammary gland.

Due to the damage in gland ducts, small gaps will form, which is where milk is most likely to accumulate and penetrate the body. This means the more exams you do, the easier it is to get breast cancer.

So it’s the husband, not the gynecologist, who is the best candidate for breast cancer exams.

It is well known that when food goes bad, it could become poisonous. If excessive milk stays in the breast for too long, it will spoil like other food.

The doctors treating breast cancer daily have all experienced the stink from breast cancer. Sometimes I almost pass out during the treatment, but I still need to act calm and pretend it’s all right.

The surgery and chemotherapy recommended by WM would further harm the heart.

Moreover, if a patient were not advised against a diet rich in milk and vitamins, these nutrients would help support the progression of breast cancer, bring more damage to the heart, and make things even worse.

These factors are why menopausal women are more prone to breast cancer after taking female hormones- because artificial female hormones would increase the amount of excess milk in the breast.

In the United States, it is approved by the federal government that farms could use female hormones to feed cows, which would significantly increase milk production. This is one of the reasons I never drink milk in the U.S.- I am afraid that my breasts would grow large.