Causes of Breast Cancer 5- How Excess Milk Causes Lung, Liver And Brain Cancer in Women

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

Unaware of the origin of breast cancer,  WM focuses entirely on killing cancer cells, which causes panic and insomnia in the patient.

According to TCM theory, worry would harm the lungs, which are the source of breast milk. If the lungs are injured, the milk will flow back into them. Therefore, breast cancer would pass on to the lungs after WM treatment, which is lung cancer’s metastasis.

Similarly, if the heart is hurt, it would cause the milk to flow back into the heart, and causing lupus erythematosus in WM.

Right below the nipples is the liver meridian. If the refluent milk flows into the liver along this meridian, liver cancer metastasis will result.

In TCM theory, the lung, kidney, and brain are closely related. Once this milk enters the lungs, it will descend to the kidneys and then rise to the brain.

Because milk is a form of food, it can pass through the blood-brain barrier and cause brain tumors. Similarly, other cancer metastasis would occur due to the reflux of milk into various organs.

Since the doctors who treat breast cancer do not know that the putrid milk is the cause of breast cancer, the more treatment a patient receives, the quicker cancer spreads, and the faster breast cancer patients die.

On the other hand, if staying untreated, the milk would stay in the breasts, and patients would live till the toxins enter internal organs, which would take about 14 years, according to TCM records.

This is why I assert that when treated by WM, often, the patient died of the treatment rather than breast cancer. The standard of survival time is based on ancient records.

If WM treatment of breast cancer could make patients survive for more than 14 years, I will admit that they are effective. Otherwise, it would prove the patient died from the treatment, not from breast cancer itself.

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