Causes of Breast Cancer 10- Summary of Pathogenic Factors

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

Based on the previous arguments, we can summarize the cause of breast cancer as the following:

1. People who are depressed, unforgiving, and can’t let go.

2. Women who like to take Western medicines and vitamins; these will make your hands and feet cold and vulnerable to breast cancer.

3. Excessive mental stress without route for relief, such as worrying about children. If born with a meek and restrained personality, it is also easier to get breast cancer.

4. Women who listen to WM advice and conduct frequent breast exams– their risk is exceptionally high.

5. Menopausal women who believe that taking female hormones could prevent osteoporosis. They are prone to breast cancer and brain tumor, leukemia, liver cancer, lung cancer, lupus erythematosus, malignant lymphoma, etc.

If combined with constipation, one could almost be sure that cancer is on the way.

6.  Women who are jealous and like to start rumors. The fabrication of rumors is usually accompanied by heartburn and insomnia, leading to menstrual disorders, not to mention the constant worry about being discovered. So they are also the high-risk group for breast cancer.

7. Hard-working women whose energy is exhausted for the family. Usually, they are busy at work, take little rest, focus on the husband and children, and forget to take good care of themselves, making them vulnerable to breast cancer.

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Causes of Breast Cancer 6- Constipation, Lung Cancer, And Liver Cancer

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

For women after menopause and having their uterus and ovaries excised, they should be aware of a common misunderstanding that there would be no breast milk after menopause. A woman’s breasts will still produce milk even after menopause.

What changes is since the milk cannot be expelled through the uterus, the only other exit is the large intestine. Therefore feces become the only channel for discharging the milk.

I often say to patients with amenorrhea that I would rather see diarrhea on you than constipation because I know good bowel movement can prevent women without menstruation from getting lung cancer.

Many women never smoke but somehow still get lung cancer, and it is caused by a similar mechanism as breast cancer mentioned above.

WM attributes the cause to inhaling too much cooking fumes, even though many women’s cooking does not produce any fumes at all.

Suppose a woman after menopause is perplexed with long-term constipation and goes to a WM doctor because she doesn’t want to endure the symptoms of hot flashes, irritability, night sweats, and the like during menopause.

She is told to take female hormones, which would stimulate the body to produce more unnecessary milk. However, due to constipation, this excessive milk cannot be discharged from the body.

Meanwhile, she is annoyed by her husband at home, which brings harm to her lungs. Consequently, she would face the risk of lung cancer.

When a problem arises in the lungs, WM would have no clue, but TCM will know because the circulation time of the Qi and Blood of the Lung Meridian is 3:00~5:00 AM. If you wake up at this time every day, it means there is a lung problem.

Similarly, the circulation time of the Liver Meridian is 1:00~3:00AM. If you wake up during this period, it may be an early sign of liver cancer.

According to my experience, TCM could detect lung or liver cancer about two years before WM.

At this time, all TCM needs is to cure a woman’s constipation, and then give the patient the classic prescription of Wenjing Decoction to help her get through the menopause, and the ticking time bomb will be defused.

This is the meaning of ‘The best measure is to treat a disease before its onset.’

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Moxibustion Case*- Bloated Abs & Irregular Menstration (I)

A girl whose screen name was ‘Apple peel’ used to send me online messages for consultation. One of her message was: 

“During the past two weeks, I still suffered swelling on both sides of the abdomen, especially after lunch. I couldn’t take a nap, and I feel swelling pain within 10 minutes of lying down, sometimes from sides of pelvis to above the thigh. Last week I began to develop stomach pain, then constipation, and very painful. After following your advice of moxibustion on Zhongwan, Guanyuan, Shenque and lower abdomen on both sides, those discomforts are relieved. Now it is stomach pain and constipation are gone, and the lower abdomen no longer feel bloated. The quality of sleep is also much better, and I feel very energetic during the day.

Zhongwan acupoint
Zhongwan acupoint
Guanyuan & Shenque acupoint
Guanyuan & Shenque acupoint

The other day, in order to treat irregular menstruation, I performed moxibustion on Sanyinjiao. During the process, I felt much irritable, Qi going into the vagina and itchy. Later signs of vaginitis appeared, with slightly white and itchy leucorrhea; now it still tickles from time to time. What should I do? “

In fact, this phenomenon is very normal. I told her to continue perform moxibustion on Zhongwan, Guanyuan, Shenjue and Sanyinjiao, and do not worry; it would get well within two weeks. Some people may ask why should she continue moxibustion even though she was already ill doing it?

This is a very common problem. During my disease treatment via moxibustion, many reported that they had been well until moxibustion was performed and illness began to appear; or they were originally trying to treat one disease, but some other ailment emerged after moxibustion. So is moxibustion good or bad?

Sanyinjiao acupoint
Sanyinjiao acupoint

*These cases are selected from a book “Various Diseases Treated by Moxibustion”, written by Shan Xiamin, a renowned Chinese doctor.

**Severe adverse effect may occur, one should not perform any type of moxibustion without instruction of person of rich experience or professional.