Causes of Breast Cancer 2- Relation between Menstruation and Breast Milk

by Dr. Ni Haixia at Hantang College of TCM, Florida

According to the Meridian theory, there are a total of 11 meridians converging at the breast. With so many complicated meridians gathered here, naturally, diseases are easy to arise, and with different causes.

Meridians/ Channels in the Breasts

The breast is like an intersection joined by 11 roads, but with only one traffic light- the heart, no wonder it is prone to accidents and problems.

Based on TCM theory, breast milk and menstruation are the two sides of one coin.

There are two direct pieces of evidence.

First, ask any mother if she has menstruation during breastfeeding, and the answer would be ‘No.’ During breastfeeding, there is no menstruation.

Has it ever occurred to you that breast milk and menstruation could be from the same source, so when milk is produced, menstruation is gone?

Secondly, according to the WM theory, menstruation is the excreted unfertilized egg from the body.

However, there is no egg entering the uterus after ligation, yet why is the menstruation still present?

From these two pieces of evidence, it can be proved that menstruation and breast milk are from the same origin, but not menstruation and eggs.

The heart controls the menstrual cycle. In the thousands of years’ TCM records and research of the heart, there was no mention of such issues as cardiac valvular insufficiency defined by the WM.

They happen in modern times from the excessive taking of Western medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies, such as antibiotics, painkillers, many controlling drugs, female hormones, and even vitamin E, all of which can hurt the heart.

But in their advertising, vitamin E is being advocated as capable of preventing heart diseases.

When the heart is harmed, insomnia would initially arise.

WM does not know that insomnia is mainly caused by Western medicines’ side effects, domestic troubles, and depression.

So WM would prescribe sleeping pills or anti-depressive drugs for insomnia patients, making things even worse and bringing more damage to the heart.

Eventually, due to a lack of energy in the heart, breast milk can not completely transport to the uterus.

After the menstrual period, there will still be residual milk in the breast, which will accumulate every month.